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As a leader in and center of culture, media, commerce, entertainment, art, and international trade in South Florida, the city of Miami is home to a diverse group of businesses, including 19 Fortune 500 companies. The Miami metro area boasts the largest urban economy in Florida and the 12th largest in the United States. Miami’s primary industries include tourism, agriculture, international trade, aviation, life sciences, and financial services. With a metropolitan population of over 6 million, it offers incredible opportunities—and a high demand for human resources professionals.

Our executive search firm has worked with a number of Miami corporations to recruit and place outstanding HR executives and specialists. Through our extensive network of job candidates, exclusively focused on HR search and placement, our recruiters have been able to fill positions of all levels for our Miami clients, sourcing innovative professionals who are ready to make an immediate impact.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

Leading HR Recruitment Agency in Miami, Florida

Miami is an incredible area in South Florida that acts as a hub for a wide range of business activities in the state. From executive search to recruiting and staffing for all human resources positions, our nationwide agency works with both corporate and non-profit organizations to deliver a high level of client satisfaction.

Throughout the Miami metro, our team of seasoned recruiters brings an array of experience to the table in order to meet the precise needs of each and every client. We dive deeply into the goals, plans, vision, and culture of every client company, turning to our extensive network of professionals to locate and recruit only the best candidates for the position needed. Our exclusive focus on human resources recruiting and staffing allows us to provide fast, cost-effective services. Through forming relationships with client companies, our recruiters can locate and place top-performing, experienced professionals who are the perfect fit for our clients’ varied needs.


Because the city is famous for miles of pristine beaches and a diverse culture, tourism being the number one industry in Miami comes as no surprise. This essential industry has unique human resources needs that are best handled by a professional staffing firm. We work with clients throughout the tourism industry by closely focusing on the goals and culture of individual organizations.


With a warm climate year-round, Miami and its surrounding area is a hotbed for agriculture. Our experienced recruiters can supply high-quality HR professionals for clients in this valuable industry.

International Trade

Having one of the nation’s busiest cargo ports makes Miami a major gateway for trade between North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other world regions. The international trade industry presents a specific set of needs for our clients—let us help you find the most qualified HR professionals for your open roles.


Aviation in Miami is one of the city’s most well-established industries. With continuous growth comes a demand for more experienced HR professionals who can keep large departments on track. Our staffing agency can provide high-quality HR search and placement services for clients of any size.

Life Sciences

Miami is home to several successful biomedical, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies, making the city one of the most important life sciences sectors in the country. Through our extensive network of HR professionals, our recruiters can assist you with finding impeccable HR executives and professionals ready to step into a role.

Financial Services

With a strong international business community, Miami is a major center of commerce and finance. When experience in banking or finance is essential, you can count on us for your HR staffing needs. Our recruitment agency’s large network includes qualified candidates who have experience in the complex financial environment.

Miami HR Staffing Services

Finding the ideal executive candidate for open positions in your human resources department can be a challenge, especially in large cities such as Miami. Instead of weeding out hundreds of unqualified applicants, why not cut straight to the best fit for your open role?

Our hand-picked recruiters have extensive knowledge and experience in matching highly-qualified professionals with the goals, culture, and vision of companies and organizations across industries. Let us help you find remarkable, motivated executives, managers, and specialists with our extensive network of HR professionals. HR Personnel Services’ exclusive focus on human resources gives us a unique edge, providing efficiency, accuracy, and quality in meeting your staffing needs. In Miami, you can count on our HR search and placement experience and expertise to assist you in finding extraordinary talent.

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