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Staffing Agency in Houston

HR Personnel Services is a top-rated staffing agency in Houston that knows the local job market well, making finding a job easier for you. You’ll get to work with our great team who really cares about your career goals. Whether you want a remote, in-person, temporary, or full-time job, we’re here to help you all the way.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards

HR Recruiting and Placement Services in Houston, Texas and the Southwestern United States

As the largest economic market in Texas and the Southwestern United States, Houston also has close connections with other major job markets. Our personnel search and staffing company is active throughout the region, and recognizes the need for innovative, experienced executives, generalists, and specialists to meet the needs of companies and organizations of all types in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and other cities in Texas. Our dedicated recruiters work closely with organizations to learn their goals, needs, and expectations, and then utilizes a broad-reaching network of candidates, advanced marketing technology, and their expertise to search and place talented, proven professionals who match those needs.

Staffing Agency in Houston, TX

Some of ways we support Texas businesses with our unique strategies include:

Energy, Petroleum and Manufacturing

Our network of professionals with experience in these industries is extensive, and includes top-flight executive talent, along with a full range of candidates with valuable, industry-specific experience.

Banking and Finance

The HR Department needs of the banking and finance industry is a special interest of our staffing and recruitment firm. Our experience in recruiting performance-focused, innovative leadership for domestic and international banking and finance can meet any need.

Shipping and Transportation Industry

The diverse human resources needs of this industry requires creative, experienced and flexible professionals. Our network of proven leaders and highly productive generalists and specialists includes candidates to match any company’s needs.

Healthcare, Education and More

As a fast-growing center for healthcare services and research, along with education, Houston needs experienced, creative personnel management specialists. Our search and placement strategies can locate and recruit candidates for any position.

Whatever your industry or business focus may be, our staffing and search firm offers the tightly-focused, nation-wide recruiting services you need to fill any open position in your HR team. The combination of 50 years of recruiting experience among our recruiters, our extensive networking capabilities, and our expertise in matching top talent with the precise needs of our clients provides ideal solutions to your needs. When you list a position with us, we will quickly locate and recruit the industry-experienced, highly motivated candidates who match your criteria. Performance, relationship building, and complete client satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Let us show you how our recruitment and placement services can help you fill your open positions quickly with solid professionals who are an ideal match for your goals and organizational culture.

Contact us to discuss your HR recruiting needs in Houston or anywhere in Texas or the Southwestern US, including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes your staffing agency in Houston stand out for job seekers and employers?

Our staffing agency stands out due to our deep understanding of the Houston area’s specific needs, extensive experience, and industry-leading technology. We connect qualified candidates with local businesses, ensuring a seamless fit that benefits both parties.

How does your staffing agency address complex staffing challenges for Houston area employers?

By leveraging our comprehensive network of professionals and a full range of staffing services, we tackle complex challenges. Whether it’s temp-to-hire, short-term contracts, or long-term strategic partnership needs, our solutions are tailor-made.

What types of positions can your staffing agency fill?

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, allowing us to fill positions at all levels – from executive to entry-level roles in healthcare, education, and more. Whether it’s contract jobs, permanent placements, or temp services, we’ve got it covered.

How does your staffing agency ensure the best talent for Houston businesses?

Our recruitment process combines cutting-edge technology with human insight to match candidates not just based on skills but also on company culture fit. This meticulously designed process helps us ensure that we deliver only the best talent to our clients.

What support do job seekers get from your staffing agency during their job search?

Job seekers receive personalized support from our account managers, who help refine their search, prepare for interviews, and connect them with top employers, making their job search efficient and effective.

How does your agency streamline the hiring process?

Our agency leverages a streamlined, efficient hiring process that reduces time-to-hire by utilizing advanced recruiting technologies and methodologies. This ensures that our clients can quickly fill open positions with qualified candidates.

What separates our staffing agency from other staffing agencies in Houston?

Our agency sets itself apart by not only understanding the unique dynamics of Houston’s job market but also by building strong, personalized relationships with both clients and candidates. We go beyond the resume, focusing on long-term fits and the overall success of both parties. This approach, combined with our comprehensive industry expertise and commitment to outstanding service, positions us as a leader among staffing agencies in Houston.

What makes us the best staffing agency compared to a typical temp agency?

Unlike a traditional temp agency that primarily focuses on short-term placements, our approach as a staffing agency is to understand and fulfill the long-term employment needs of both our candidates and clients. We excel in placing candidates in positions where they can grow and succeed over time, not just fill a temporary need. This focus on long-term compatibility, combined with our comprehensive vetting process and industry expertise, establishes us as the best staffing agency for both temporary and permanent staffing solutions.

How can our employment agency assist with finding contract jobs?

Our employment agency specializes in matching job seekers with premier contract jobs that align with their skills, career goals, and staffing needs of our clients. By leveraging our extensive nationwide network and industry insights, we bridge the gap between talented professionals and businesses, ensuring that every contract job placement is a win-win for both parties.

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