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Forbes Award-winning leading staffing agency in Phoenix, acclaimed for our expertise in the local job market, providing a streamlined experience for job seekers. We help connect job seekers with opportunities that match their skills and aspirations. Our team of recruitment specialists is unwavering in their commitment to guide you through each step of your employment search. Catering to your individual needs, whether you’re in the market for a remote or in-office position, short-term or long-term, we are devoted to supporting you throughout the process and aligning opportunities with your career goals.


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Phoenix HR Executive Recruiting

Phoenix, Arizona acts as a hub for a wide range of business activities in the state of Arizona. Our team recognizes the need for top-performing HR professionals in the Phoenix area. From executive search to recruiting and staffing for all human resources positions, HR Personnel Services works with both corporate and non-profit organizations to deliver high-quality talent and client satisfaction every time.

Our experienced recruiters deploy a proven search process to meet the precise needs of each unique client. They dive deeply into the goals, plans, vision, and culture of every company—turning to our extensive network of HR professionals to locate and recruit the most qualified, ideal candidates for the position needed. This close relationship with clients allows our recruiters to quickly find and successfully place the right HR executives or specialists with precision.

Additionally, we connect job seekers with hiring managers in the Phoenix area, ensuring that both candidates and businesses find the perfect match for their employment and workforce needs.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is full of unique processes and challenges for HR teams. This industry is continuously growing throughout Phoenix, fueling an increase in demand for exceptional HR professionals. You can count on our recruiters to source and place the most qualified HR candidates for real estate companies across the Phoenix area.

Finance and Insurance

The financial services and insurance industries require human resources professionals with specific skills and experience. HR Personnel Services is the leading partner for recruiting and staffing specialists; we will tap into our professional network to find candidates with the exact qualifications your business needs.


The manufacturing industry presents its own complexities for HR teams. In this fast-paced environment, workers often handle heavy machinery, operate in clean room conditions, and use rigging equipment to install process tools and pedestals. Companies and organizations within this industry need HR staff who can navigate those challenges with confidence—and contribute from day one. Our network of professionals with experience in manufacturing is extensive, ranging from top-tier executive talent to HR managers, payroll specialists, and more.


Retail is one of the largest sectors in the Phoenix area, dramatically increasing the demand for outstanding HR professionals to manage the challenges of this diverse industry. Our team can help your retail business recruit highly qualified candidates to match your unique needs, goals, and work culture.


Healthcare continues to be an important industry in the Phoenix area. When you need HR professionals who have specific experience in healthcare, you can count on HR Personnel Services. As your staffing partner, we can help you recruit top-performing HR candidates across the Phoenix area.

Phoenix HR Leading Staffing Agency Services

Staffing Agency in Phoenix

When it comes to finding the perfect HR professional, we know it can be challenging, especially with the increasing competition in Phoenix and the need to connect individuals to potential job opportunities. The recruiters at HR Personnel Services are here for you when you need the best fit for your open HR position.

As a leading staffing agency and temp agency in Phoenix, we take pride in helping college graduates from the local area and neighboring cities. By focusing exclusively on human resources, we’ve emerged as a nationwide leader in HR recruiting and staffing. We’ve worked with companies and organizations of all sizes in the Phoenix area—and our seasoned recruiters have in-depth knowledge of what to look for in an exceptional HR professional. Most importantly, we take the goals, vision, and culture of our clients to find candidates who complement and align with those values.

We also provide staffing solutions for temporary workers to fulfill short-term staffing demands in various industries such as administrative, accounting, manufacturing, and warehouse. For more information on our team and how we can support your staffing needs in the Phoenix area, contact us today. You can also reach out for more insight into our proven recruiting and staffing process—and tailor it to accommodate your hiring goals.

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