HR Staffing & Recruiting

HR Personnel Services, founded in 1995 by Susan Miller, provides complete staffing & recruiting solutions for Human Resources Departments throughout the United States. We serve corporations of all sizes, from start-up companies creating world-class HR teams to Fortune 50, 100, 500, and 1,500 corporations with extensive, complex human resources needs. HR Personnel Services will also perform an extensive culture analysis in order to identify your candidate precisely.

Focusing only on human resources staffing, we bring extensive and unique experience to the task. Our highest priorities are dedication to performance, integrity and excellence in customer service. We employ the latest technology and a network of candidates to provide award-winning staffing in all regions of the United States and at all levels of HR professional responsibility.

We also put focus on the culture of your company: The style and substance of the workplace has become an increasingly necessary, and visible, piece of business in America. Through our extensive auditing of candidates, we will ensure your staffing needs are met by not only the most qualified, but also those that will be the very best culture fit as well.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

Customized Staffing Solutions and Relationship Building

Developing relationships with our corporate clients by learning their industry, history, vision and culture lets us develop a customized approach to their staffing needs. By recruiting candidates who precisely match our clients’ needs, we assure companies of efficient, ideal staffing with fully qualified, talented candidates. Our dedicated recruiters understand your needs and devote themselves to serving those needs professionally and efficiently at all times. Our contingency and retained search and recruiting services are always at your service.

Full-Service Recruiting and Placement Solutions

For every position in your Human Resources Department, we identify and recruit the finest talent. From executive searches for Vice Presidents and Directors to recruiting specialists like Compensation Analysts and Benefits Administrators, we match experienced professionals with your requirements. We also find ideal candidates for every position, including Generalists, Managers, Recruiters, Training Specialists, HRIS Specialists, Assistants, and more. For direct hire, contract to hire, contract, and temporary HR staffing, we can meet every need.

State-of-the-Art Technology and National Networking Capabilities

To effectively match highly qualified candidates for every position, we use our extensive database system to identify candidates who match your exact requirements within our deep pool of candidates. We also utilize an effective nationwide network to publicize job listings to attract qualified candidates. All candidates are thoroughly screened and verified. In addition, we direct source, using our proven method that identifies candidates before they enter the market. We employ these technological capabilities to streamline and expedite the recruiting and placement process, assuring you of complete, cost-effective service.

HR Staffing Solutions for All Business Sectors

In our two decades of serving the needs of our corporate clients, we have served every business sector, and have learned the unique requirements of companies in all industries, including, but not limited to:

• Aerospace and Defense

• Computer Hardware & Software

• Energy

• Food and Beverage

• Hospitality and Leisure

• Information Technology 

• Insurance

• Manufacturing

• Pharmaceuticals

• Retail

• Utilities

• Transportation

• Banking

• Education

• Entertainment

• Finance

• HealthCare

• Import and Export

• Internet

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Real Estate

• Telecommunications

Nationwide Service Scope

We are a specialized human resources employment agency. Companies and organizations in every region of the United States rely on our award-winning services for their HR staffing needs, from Philadelphia to Dallas, from San Jose to New York, and from Los Angeles to Chicago. Since 1995, we have worked with companies nationwide to assist them in HR recruitment for positions at all levels of responsibility. Our extensive connections in the industry, our vast network of top-performing professionals at all levels and our experienced staff of handpicked, professional recruiters assure you of dynamic, experienced and superbly qualified candidates to fill every open position.

Our Staffing Expertise and Experience Assures Your Success

To learn more about how our highly skilled recruiters can help your organization build a customized staffing solution, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience. We will be happy to answer any question you may have and show you how we can create a comprehensive recruitment program for your HR team. If you have an immediate staffing need, post your job listing on our website, and we’ll put our award-winning recruiting process to work for you.

Executive Recruiting

HR Departments at corporations and organizations are responsible for managing employees that are one of every organization’s most valuable assets. When corporations need to hire HR specialists and executives, dealing with recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates, along with advertising open positions can present a big challenge. Our HR recruitment agency provides cost-effective, time-saving placement solutions for job openings throughout the United States. Our efficient, experienced recruiters can take over the job and assist in finding fully qualified candidates for any position, saving valuable time and letting your HR personnel focus on its continuing responsibilities.

Since 1995 we have been expertly matching candidates for executive HR positions, including:

• HR Vice Presidents

• Directors

• Managers

• Compensation and Payroll Specialists

• Benefits Managers and Specialists

• Diversity Specialists

• Recruiting and Staffing Specialists

• HRIS Specialists

• Assistants and Coordinators

• Generalists

HR Recruitment Services to Meet Any Job Requirements

Our recruiting placement team has built a reputation for being a dynamic force in the national HR professional community. Our extensive network of candidates, our carefully targeted marketing system and our nationwide scope allows us to locate and recruit candidates with extensive experience and proven records of performance, ready to step into your organization and begin contributing immediately. Our finely-honed ability to learn your corporate needs, goals, and culture and created ideal candidate matches for positions ranging from solid, visionary executive leadership at the highest levels to entry-level positions.

Whether you require long-term contract, direct-hire employees, or employees for shorter periods, our recruitment agency offers the same high-quality, cost-effective recruiting and placement of candidates selected to be an ideal fit for your positions.