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HR Personnel Services is an HR Search Firm named as one of the nation’s “Best” for over 30 years.

A Forbes award winning agency, HR Personnel Services, established by Susan Miller in 1995, revolutionized HR staffing with our proprietary matching process. Since then, we have grown from a local staffing agency in Minneapolis pioneer into a nationally recognized leader in HR staffing, serving both Fortune 500 giants and thriving small businesses. Our success stems from a steadfast commitment to deliver expertly vetted HR professionals, ensuring seamless integration and driving organizational growth and stability for each client.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards
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Executive to Entry-Level HR Staffing Agency in Minneapolis, MN

Leveraging a rich pool of HR talent, from entry-level to C-suite executives, we’re adept at aligning candidates with the unique goals and culture of your business. Our rigorous selection process ensures seamless integration and contributes to sustained organizational growth.

staffing agency in Minneapolis, MN

Our proven success in diverse industries — from agricultural to manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, and non-profit — underscores our capability to navigate the intricate HR landscape. At HR Personnel Services, we’re not just recruiters; we’re strategic partners committed to your long-term success.

For motivated enterprises seeking precision in HR staffing and executive recruitment, our firm stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Tap into our specialized HR recruiting services for transformative results. Contact us to start crafting your future with the nation’s finest HR professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes you a leading staffing agency in the Minneapolis area?

Our success as a leading staffing agency stems from our proprietary matching process and comprehensive services designed to meet the diverse staffing needs of businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and beyond. We specialize in connecting highly skilled professionals with top employment agencies and leading companies, ensuring quality placements that benefit both job seekers and employers.

How can job seekers benefit from your staffing services?

Job seekers gain access not only to a wide range of open positions in industries such as finance, healthcare, accounting, and more but also to our extensive network of employers in the Twin Cities and our commitment to finding the best talent. We conduct thorough reference and background checks to ensure a perfect fit for both candidates and companies.

What types of positions do you staff for?

We staff for a myriad of positions ranging from office managers and HR professionals to temporary staffing needs such as temp agency roles. We cater to a wide spectrum of industries, making us a versatile choice for your employment agency needs.

How do you ensure the quality of your temporary staffing or temp agency placements?

Our rigorous selection process includes comprehensive interviews, reference checks, and on-site background checks to ensure we connect our business clients with the most qualified employees and recruiting professionals. This meticulous approach helps maintain our reputation as one of the top employment agencies in the Minneapolis area.

Can you support our company’s specialized staffing requirements?

Absolutely. Our expertise spans various industries and staffing scenarios, from temporary staffing to finding highly skilled professionals for permanent positions. Whether you’re a small business in Maple Grove or a corporation in the heart of Minneapolis, our staffing services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

How do you differentiate from other temp agencies and employment agencies in the Twin Cities?

Our differentiation lies in our personalized approach, the quality of our placements, and our dedication to ensuring the long-term success of both our candidates and clients. As a premier staffing company in Minneapolis, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our service, from understanding your unique staffing requirements to connecting you with the best talent Minnesota has to offer.

How can employers contact you for staffing needs?

Employers looking to partner with us for their staffing needs can reach out through our website, by phone, or by visiting our offices in the Minneapolis area. Our team is ready to help you craft your future with the nation’s finest professionals.


What distinguishes your staffing agency in Minneapolis in terms of candidate quality assurance?

Our staffing agency in Minneapolis sets itself apart with a unique Quality Assurance Program designed to ensure that every candidate we place not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. We implement rigorous screening and evaluation processes, augmented by ongoing training and development opportunities for our candidates. This holistic approach guarantees that when you choose us as your staffing partner, you’re accessing the top-tier talent that will propel your business towards its objectives, making us a leader among staffing agencies in the Minneapolis area.

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