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Contract to Hire HR Positions

In a constantly changing business environment, corporations and other organizations face challenging human resources decisions. Those challenges include staffing and organization of HR Departments, as well. For both organizations and job seekers, the contract to hire staffing model of has become a means of solving emergent HR staffing needs and providing a testing period before permanently filling positions. From the executive suite to the cubicle, more and more open positions are being filled on a temp to hire basis. At our human resources placement firm, we recognize the benefits of this placement method and enthusiastically assist companies to find the most qualified, experienced, and motivated candidates for positions at all levels.

Complete Contract-to-Hire Human Resources Recruiting and Placement

As temp to hire staffing has become more and more common, our placement firm has fine-tuned its performance-oriented recruiting strategies to identify motivated, career-oriented human resources professionals at all levels who are interested in taking advantage of the career benefits of these positions. The result is that we are able to match our clients’ specific needs and requirements with candidates who not only match those criteria but who see these opportunities as a means of demonstrating their capabilities during the contract period with an eye toward the future. From Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis to Dallas, Atlanta and Nashville, and from Los Angeles, Seattle and San Jose to New York, Philadelphia and Boston, you can count on us for your placement requirements. Contact us today with your open positions at all levels and let us present you with candidates who are a perfect fit for your needs.

Contract HR Employees (Contract Recruiting)

Human resources challenges at corporations and organizations throughout the United States are never static. While a core HR Department can handle day-to-day operations, many situations arise when workflow exceeds the capabilities of the permanent staff. In addition, a hiring surge within the organization, temporary absences of critical staff members, changes in benefits offerings, and even downsizing or outsourcing can require additional staff to handle an increased workload. Start-up companies, too, often experience needs for human resources professionals that are temporary and diminish as the organization resolves into stability. The solution to all of these situations and other situations where there is a need for temporary or interim HR staffing is to hire fully qualified professionals with experience in specific areas on a contract basis to step in and fill in for a fixed or flexible period.

Our agency, with its highly experienced recruiting staff, assists corporations and organizations in filling interim or time-limited staffing needs with the skilled, capable candidates they need on a contract basis. Contract employees, working at your location or remotely, can fill virtually any position. Either as employees of our agency or as independent contractors, our contract workers are matched with your precise requirements and bring their extensive experience and efficient performance to fill your interim or temporary needs.

Our contract employment candidates can take on a wide range of leadership and staffing positions, including:

Interim HR Management and Executive Positions

Our extensive national network of professionals includes a number of highly experienced executive and management level HR leaders who are available to fill leadership gaps during corporate change, when unexpected vacancies occur, or anytime there is a short-term interim need for creative, solid leadership. Our recruiters can find the leadership talent you need, quickly and with complete confidentiality.


For start-up companies and in times of rapid growth or change, our agency can assist you in recruiting an experienced, resourceful human resource management consultant who can help you create a management plan, oversee transitional changes, and assist corporate management in mitigating crisis situations or difficult personnel issues.


Our national network of human resources professionals includes numerous Generalists with experience in all industrial sectors who are available for contract employment. Capable of filling interim positions in many areas and supervisory positions, they bring versatility and flexibility to the job. Contact us with your needs, and we will assist you in finding a contract professional to suit your exact criteria.

HR Specialists

When changes, growth, and corporate acquisitions occur, Human Resources Departments often need to add fully qualified specialists to their staffs on a temporary basis. From benefits, compensation and training specialists to HRIS, recruiting and labor relations specialists, we can assist you in locating and recruiting the interim or temporary staff you need. Give us your requirements and we’ll put our recruiting team to work finding the qualified, experiences specialists who can step in and immediately get to work.


Capable of working independently and remotely, or at your location, our contract recruiters have the experience, people skills, and performance-driven work ethic that let you increase your recruiting staff at any time on a local or national basis.

General Staff

Whatever position you need to fill, our recruiters can help you find contract employees with relevant experience and the hard-working, focused characteristics that make filling your interim needs easy. Our creative recruiting and extensive experience in placing qualified workers is at your command.

Full-Service, Trusted HR Staffing Company to Meet Every Need

Any time a company or organization needs to add personnel to its HR staffing, highly motivated contract employees with relevant experience and expertise are the most frequently used solution. Finding those contract workers, though, takes time and resources that are not usually available. As a leading HR temp agency, we have been supplying contract candidates to corporations and organizations nationwide since 1995. From California, Nevada and Oregon to New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and from Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois to Texas, Tennessee and Georgia, our nationwide service helps businesses fill their open positions fast. Our services are highly competitive in pricing, and our contract employees are hand-selected to match your exact requirements. In many cases, contract employees we have provided perform so well that our clients offer them full-time positions.

Complete client satisfaction is our highest priority. Contact us with your HR staffing requirements and we’ll get right to work. 

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