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In founding HR Personnel Services in 1995, Susan Miller based the search firm on the concept that human resource management and staffing have unique characteristics. Those characteristics demanded a dedicated approach and a tight focus on staffing at every level. She believed that focusing exclusively on human resources recruiting and placement could achieve the highest levels of performance. Her vision in founding our HR search firm was the key to its quick growth and success. Within the first two years of business, the firm showed a 400% increase in business. From its beginnings as an HR recruiting and placement company serving the Minneapolis St. Paul of Minnesota market, the company quickly expanded to become a nationwide leader in HR recruiting and executive search.

Susan Miller is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with a bachelor’s degree in Business. She works closely with the staff of HR Personnel Services, using a hands-on approach to ensure that her vision is maintained. By always working to create ideal matches between our clients’ goals and candidates who are an ideal fit for each position, excellence in service has become our hallmark of performance.

Susan knew from the beginning that success would come only through building a team of performance-proven, experienced, talented and loyal recruiters who share her vision.

Personally selected for their extensive experience, our executive recruiters work together to understand each client’s goals, needs and culture, and then help each client find candidates who match those needs and goals. 

HR Personnel

Our Team of HR Recruiters

Recruiting HR professionals is a people-oriented specialty, since human resources, by definition, focuses on people. Susan Miller, Founder and CEO of HR Personnel Services, has created a team of handpicked recruiters with extensive human resources experience. Each recruiter of our team is an experienced leader with many years of success in recruiting HR professionals who match unique needs and expectations in positions with corporate Human Resources Departments. At our award-winning staffing and executive search firm, our recruiters are dedicated to understanding the goals, values, culture, and requirements of our corporate clients. Then, using our advanced technology, they seek out and match candidates with the precise needs of each client and position. Always following best practices and using their experience and knowledge of human resources standards, they focus on finding candidates who will be an ideal fit.

Top National Executive Recruiters for Your Success

The unique qualifications required by corporate human resources positions mean that effective recruiting of candidates for those positions is a job for recruiters who specialize in human resources. At our employment agency, we bring a wide range of experience to the table. That experience enables us to match experienced, talented candidates with the precise needs of our corporate clients. Through understanding of each client’s unique requirements, goals, and corporate culture, we locate and recruit candidates who can step into your position, fit into your team smoothly and hit the ground running. Contact us with your job openings or to discuss your recruiting requirements.

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