Direct-Hire HR Positions

Human Resources Departments for both established and newly created corporations and organizations need stability and continuity. Increasing demands on HR teams, along with complex regulations and ever-changing employee benefits packages demand consistency, compliance, and expertise from the core staff of any human resource management system. At our HR recruitment firm, our constant focus on learning and understanding the unique needs of our clients through establishment of long-term relationships means that we understand the objectives, culture, and specialized nature of each client’s requirements. Combining that knowledge with our national network of proven HR professionals at all levels and specialties, our recruitment team, made up of highly experienced HR recruiters, seeks out and find candidates to match each direct-hire open position who are ideal matches for the client’s specifications and requirements.

Our success in matching the needs of our clients for top-performing, motivated candidates to fill open direct hire positions is the basis for our strong reputation for performance throughout the United States. Unlike general recruitment firms, we specialize exclusively in placement of HR professionals. For direct hire opportunities, we successfully recruit dynamic, experienced and productive candidates for positions at all organizational levels.

Human Resources Executives, Directors & Managers

We efficiently recruit proven, innovative, and visionary executives for all top-level direct hire positions. From a Vice President of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company to an HR Manager for smaller organizations, our award-winning executive search team uses its vast network of executives and proven marketing strategies to locate and recruit potential candidates. Our strategy matches candidates’ experience, industry-specific expertise, and management style precisely to your organization’s needs. With our nationwide scope, we are able to recruit candidates who can relocate, if necessary, and step into your organization ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Human Resources Generalists

We locate and recruit, highly capable creative Generalists with the abilities of supervising and leading any HR team. Our proven candidates are ideally suited for middle-management positions, supporting top management with their overall knowledge and experience in all aspects of human resources operations. Our Generalist candidates are often rising stars, with constantly growing expertise that can lead to executive advancement.

HR Specialists

Today’s human resource management responsibilities includes a complex range of specialized functions. From benefits management, insurance specialties, and HRIS managers to corporate recruiting leaders and training, safety and labor relations experts, the need for solid, permanent specialist staff members is a constant. At our full-service staffing agency, we can match your staffing needs in all specialties with direct hire candidates who have the specific expertise and proven performance history you need for efficient, productive performance.

General Staff and Entry Level Positions

Forward-looking corporations and organizations seek career-oriented direct hire candidates for their general staffing requirements to assure continuity and productivity and to establish an internal staffing pool with potential for long-term growth and promotion. At our full-range HR recruitment and placement firm, identifying qualified, experienced staff candidates with great potential for future advancement is one of our most rewarding jobs. Drawing from an extensive pool experienced professionals seeking permanent positions with a promising future, we can assist you in locating the fresh, dynamic candidates needed to fill every open permanent position in your team.

Targeted Staffing Expertise from the Leading HR Recruiting Firm

At HR Personnel Services, we offer a unique resource for companies and organizations seeking talented, high-performance, career-focused human resources professionals for direct hire, permanent placement. From dynamic executive leaders with proven histories and specialists with high levels of expertise to staff members with strong potential for future advancement, our contingency and retained recruiting and placement services have a long track record of finding ideal candidates who closely match our individual clients’ current and projected needs, objectives, and corporate culture. Instead of dealing with a flood of resumes from unsuitable candidates, we provide you with hand-selected candidates who meet your exacting criteria. For over 2 decades, we have worked with corporations and non-profit organizations across the country, from California, Oregon and Arizona to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and from Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio to Texas, Georgia and Florida.

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