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HR Personnel Services is an HR Search Firm named as one of the nation’s “Best” for over 30 years.

Coming in at the number two spot on Forbes’ list of best places for business and careers, the city of Dallas is home to a diverse set of opportunities with a high demand for human resources professionals. With roughly 7.5 million people, the Dallas area has the fourth largest metropolitan population in the United States—and a thriving economic landscape with nine Fortune 500 companies in the city alone. Some of the primary industries in the area include telecommunications, technology, financial services, transportation, and real estate.

HR Personnel Services, recognized by Forbes as one of the “Best” recruiters, has partnered with several Dallas, Texas corporations to recruit and place exceptional HR professionals who are ready to make an immediate impact. Our recruiting process focuses exclusively on HR search and placement. Through our extensive network of connections and candidates, we’ve filled HR positions of all levels for our Dallas clients.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards

Dallas HR Executive Recruiting

As a major hub for railroad, interstate highway, and air transportation, Dallas has developed into a strong industrial and financial center, as well as a significant inland port. Our personnel search and staffing company is active throughout the region, recognizing the need to find innovative, top-performing executives, generalists, and specialists. From executive search to recruiting and staffing for all HR positions, our nationwide agency works with both corporate and non-profit organizations.

Our team of seasoned recruiters brings an impressive range of experience to meet the precise needs of every client. We work closely with organizations to learn their goals, vision, and expectations—utilizing our network of professionals to find the best HR candidate for each position. By forming close relationships with each client, our recruiters can quickly find ideal candidates to match their unique needs.


Dallas is sometimes referred to as the ‘Silicon Prairie’ due to the high concentration of telecommunications companies in the area. With many of these companies headquartered in Dallas and the metro area, there is a high demand for top-quality human resources professionals. Our experienced recruiters can supply outstanding HR executives and specialists for clients in this valuable industry.

Information Technology

With its large population, the Dallas area is a thriving center for information technology. Undoubtedly, this industry needs innovative, change-making HR professionals to drive it forward. Our candidate pool is rich with HR executives and specialists that have in-depth knowledge and experience with the IT industry.

Financial Services

Working in the financial services industry requires unique skills and competencies. HR Personnel Services is a leading staffing partner for HR specialists with banking and finance experience. Our large network includes candidates ideally suited to this complex industry and capable of contributing from day one.


With a large number of interstate highways and one of the world’s busiest airports, transportation is an important industry for the Dallas area. As transportation continues to thrive, the demand for experienced HR professionals increases as well. Our staffing agency can provide high-quality HR search and placement services for clients of any size, including transportation companies seeking candidates with relevant experience.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has continued to see success throughout Dallas, increasing the need and demand for exceptional HR professionals. You can count on our recruiters to source and place high-quality human resources professionals for real estate teams across the Dallas area.

Dallas HR Staffing Services

Best HR Staffing Agency in Dallas, TX

We know it can be a significant challenge for companies and organizations to find the perfect HR candidate—especially with the diverse business landscape the Dallas metro area has to offer. Regardless of industry, our team is here to help you find the most qualified HR professionals for your unique business needs.

HR Personnel Services is a nationwide leader in human resources search and placement. Our hand-picked recruiters have extensive knowledge and experience matching qualified professionals with the goals, culture, and vision of companies across a variety of industries. From innovative executives and specialists to temporary staff, you can rely on the experience of our recruiters (and exclusive focus on human resources) to meet your specialized staffing needs.

If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to partner with HR Personnel Services to find extraordinary human resources talent. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your staffing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes HR Personnel Services stand out in the human resources staffing industry?

At HR Personnel Services, our strength lies in focusing solely on the human resources sector. Our recruiters possess specialized knowledge in HR, allowing us to match candidates who meet qualifications and align with your company’s culture and objectives. Whether for high-level roles or temporary staff, our dedication ensures unmatched fit and satisfaction.


How do you ensure the quality of human resources professionals you place?

Our thorough evaluation involves interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to match clients with highly qualified candidates who align with their company culture. With a broad industry network, we excel at recruiting top-tier HR talent tailored to your business needs, ensuring excellence and reliability in all placements.

Why choose a Dallas staffing agency for my HR hiring needs?

Choosing a Dallas staffing agency, especially one focused on human resources like HR Personnel Services, means gaining access to a wide network of HR professionals in the Dallas area. Our localized expertise allows us to understand the unique business environment and labor market of Dallas, enabling us to provide clients with candidates who are not only qualified but also perfectly matched to the specific needs and culture of companies in the region. With our dedicated approach, we ensure that your staffing requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

What can my human resources department expect when partnering with HR Personnel Services?

Your human resources department can anticipate a collaborative and supportive partnership with HR Personnel Services. We prioritize understanding your unique departmental needs and challenges to offer tailored staffing solutions that propel your organization forward. From strategic placement of HR executives to providing interim HR support, we stand ready to enhance your team’s capabilities and impact. Trust us to extend your HR department’s reach with the right talent, fostering growth, and operational excellence.


How do direct hire placements differ from other staffing solutions?

Direct hire placements refer to a staffing strategy where a candidate is directly hired by the employer to become a part of their permanent workforce, unlike temporary or contract-to-hire roles. This approach is beneficial for roles that are crucial for the long-term success and sustainability of a business.


What services do you offer to job seekers?

Our team pairs job seekers with ideal positions, offering personalized career advice, resume help, and access to diverse HR roles. We prioritize finding roles that match your skills, experience, career goals, and workplace culture preferences. With our network and industry expertise, we help job seekers navigate the job market effectively.

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