HR Temp Staffing Service

The use of temporary employees on an interim basis has increased dramatically in recent years. By filling temporary needs of corporations and organizations, our agency offers a hand-selected team of experienced, talented human resources specialists, employed by us, who are available on short notice to fill a wide range of roles. On a short-term basis, or for longer-term positions, temporary employees are an attractive way for companies to meet their HR requirements without the cost and complexity of hiring those employees themselves.

For a modest, flat rate markup over your pay rate, we take care of payment and other responsibilities. We supply the thoroughly screened, pre-qualified HR staff members you need, when you need them, and for the time you need them. Our temporary staffing is a great way to handle short-term growth in your overall workload, fill vacancies in your HR department, and facilitate many other functions that exceed your full-time staff’s ability to cope with the additional load.

There are many advantages to using our services for your temporary HR staffing requirements:

Human Resources Specialty Workers

Our deep pool of available employees includes specialists in all aspects of human resources. From experienced recruiters and benefits administrators to HRIS specialists and compensation analysts, we will match your requirements with fully qualified personnel ready to step in and get to work.

Fast Placement to Meet Your Specialized Qualifications

When you contact us with your temporary HR staffing needs, we’ll find the qualified employees you need quickly and efficiently, without any unnecessary delay. If you need bilingual capabilities, workers who can work off-site or with unusual scheduling, or other special requirements, you can count on us to find qualified workers to meet those needs.

Strong Performance

All of our experienced temporary employees have strong work ethics, and are punctual, presentable, and work efficiently and productively. Many clients have offered our temporary workers permanent positions after seeing their exemplary performance.

Fair, Competitive Pricing with Reduced Liability

The costs for our services are clearly disclosed and highly competitive. You pay a fixed mark-up over your hourly pay rate, and we take care of all compensation and compliance with legal requirements. Our workers are W-2 employees of our temp agency. We handle all payment paperwork, deductions, workmen’s compensation and unemployment benefits issues. You have no worries about employment classification or other issues.

Full Benefits for Our Employees

One of the reasons our temporary employees are so loyal to us is the low-cost benefits package we offer, which includes medical, dental and vision insurance, along with a wide range of additional benefits, including a discount package for many services. We value our temporary HR employees highly.

Temporary HR Staffing for Businesses of All Industries

At our HR temp agency, we are dedicated to providing a complete range of services to our corporate and organizational clients. Whether our client partners need short-term temporary staffing solutions, contract services, contract-to-hire candidates or direct hire recruiting, our hand-picked recruiters with long experience in human resources offer prompt, complete service. Our laser-sharp focus on matching talented, resourceful, motivated candidates with the precise requirements of each client, and our dedication to complete client satisfaction are our top priorities. For more than two decades, we have helped client companies in all industries, from Banking and Finance to Real Estate and Insurance, and from Education and Manufacturing to HealthCare and Pharmaceuticals.

Contact us today with your temporary human resources staffing needs or for any other placement service.

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