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As a national leader in human resources recruiting and placement, our constant goal is to find highly qualified candidates who are an ideal match for each open position our clients present to us. Our search firm understands that every client has unique needs and may prefer a range of options with regard to fees and cost. To accommodate the preferences of our clients, we offer a full range of contract agreements for our services, so your company can select a fee arrangement that matches your needs and goals. We are always ready to tailor our services and payment schedules to provide a fee agreement and schedule that suits each client company.

We will be happy to discuss these arrangements and our cost-effective fees with you at any time.

We offer the following fee arrangements to our clients:

Contingency Fee Arrangements

As our most common HR recruiting and placement fee method, contingency-based services provide maximum assurance of good faith for both our clients and us. As described in our contract with you, we will match highly qualified candidates with your open positions and present you with solid candidates who meet your precise requirements. Only when your company hires a successful candidate who we refer to you will you pay our competitive fees, as specified in the contract. As a leading HR recruiting and placement firm, we are confident that our finely tuned process will produce excellent candidates who meet your requirements and who will be highly valued assets to your company.

Retained Search Services

In some cases, especially where the need to recruit ideal candidates for a crucial position is time-sensitive and immediate, our corporate clients arrange for our services on a retained basis. In these cases, we expedite our recruiting of highly qualified candidates for your HR executive or other positions, using all of our resources to find candidates who match your requirements precisely and who can step into your open position and make an immediate contribution. We will be happy to discuss our retainer fee payment schedule with you, and our contract with you will reflect our agreement. While on retainer, our experienced, dedicated recruiters will make your search a top priority, ensuring you of a successful, timely placement. Our retained search fee is paid in three installments. One third of the fee is paid at the beginning of the search. Another third is paid 30 days after the search commences. The final portion is paid after a candidate referred by us is hired.

Partially Retained Search and Placement Agreements

At our nationally recognized HR recruiting firm, we recognize that each position in every client’s HR Department is unique, and that no single fee method can apply to every situation. We can set up a hybrid fee agreement that combines the high priority features of a retainer-based agreement with the recognition of good faith of a contingency search. In these partially retained searches, the client pays a non-refundable retainer fee of $5,000 required to begin our precise search process. The retainer fee will be deducted from the final cost which is contingent on the placement. Each of these agreements is customized to suit each client’s requirements and preferences and is tailored to assure success in the search for ideally qualified candidates who match both the client’s job requirements and corporate culture.

Competitive Cost for Top HR Recruiting and Placement Services

When you contact our highly ranked, HR employment agency regarding your open positions, our recruiters will be happy to discuss the cost and contract arrangements with you. We will be happy to work with you to create a customized fee and payment structure that meets your needs. From a basic contingency search and placement to a fully retained agreement that makes providing ideal candidates on an expedited basis our highest priority, our long experience and track record of success in human resources staffing is your assurance of an ideal match for your open position. 

Contact us today and we will put our proven strategies to work for you immediately.

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