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Staffing Agency in Chicago

HR Personnel Services is a top-rated staffing agency in Chicago, with a deep understanding of the city’s dynamic job market. Our skilled team of staffing and recruiting professionals is here to make your job search smooth and stress-free. Looking for remote or in-office work, short-term or a long-term career? We’re committed to finding the right fit for you. Thanks to our vast network and industry knowledge, we’ll help define your goals, match your skills, and offer personalized support every step of the way.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards

HR Staffing and Placement for Chicago, Illinois

As one of the very few recruiting and placement companies in the nation that focuses solely on human resources staffing, we have partnered with a wide range of corporations and non-profit organizations in the Chicago, IL area in locating and recruiting the talented, experienced, and highly-motivated HR candidates who match the unique needs, goals, and cultures of our corporate clients. From the rich resources created by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and other universities in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, and from our nationwide network of experienced professionals, we are in a unique position to recruit the very best human resources talent throughout the country.

Staffing Agency in Chicago

We fill challenging positions in a wide range of businesses:

Banking, Finance and Insurance

These business sectors are strong in the Chicago area, and our staffing agency has the experience and strong connections needed to recruit highly qualified candidates at all levels to meet the precise needs of companies in this industry.

Transportation and Distribution Industry

As a major national and international transportation hub, Illinois companies in this sector have unique needs for personnel management. Our experienced recruiters can search and place candidates with long experience in the industry and who match any qualifications.

Manufacturing Sector

As a leading location for manufacturing companies, Chicago and the entire Illinois, needs highly qualified HR specialists to manage personnel in a broad range of jobs. Count on our staffing and placement agency to recruit solid, experienced candidates.

Computer and Information Technology

Drawing from a deep pool of candidates with IT sector experience nationwide, our firm can assist our partners in finding specialists to meet any criteria for any position.

Expert HR Staffing Solutions: Finding Exceptional Talent in the Midwest

Throughout the Midwestern region of the United States, corporations and organizations can rely on the experienced, resourceful recruiters at our HR staffing agency to recruit candidates at all levels who match the goals, plans, and culture of any organization. From solid, visionary executive leaders to specialists in every area, our national professional network provides a rich resource of fully qualified, experienced potential candidates. Our exclusive HR focus gives us a unique edge that provides efficiency, accuracy, and quality in meeting your staffing needs. In Chicago and other areas in Illinois, companies count on our human resources search and placement experience, expertise, and vision to assist them in finding the extraordinary talent they need. 

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What makes your staffing agency different from other temp and recruiting agencies in Chicago, Illinois?

Our agency specializes in connecting job seekers, from seasoned professionals to recent college graduates, with their next job in a broad spectrum of industries including administrative, healthcare, accounting, manufacturing, and technology. Our focus on both temporary contract jobs and temp-to-hire positions gives us a competitive edge in the Chicago area. Our success is built on the strong relationships our account managers develop with both clients and candidates, ensuring a perfect match for both parties.

How can employers in the Chicago business community benefit from your services?

Employers gain access to a wide pool of talent covering various job positions, from creative to logistic and retail industries. Our expertise in the Chicago job market, coupled with our comprehensive search and screening processes, allows us to provide insight into candidates best suited for your open positions. This results in hiring the right team members who are aligned with your company’s culture and goals.

What types of jobs do you specialize in?

Our agency covers a wide range of industries and job positions including, but not limited to, administrative roles, healthcare positions, accounting and finance jobs, technology roles, marketing, logistics, hospitality, and retail. We work with companies of all sizes in Illinois to fill both permanent and temporary roles.

How does your agency support job seekers?

We offer job seekers unparalleled access to a variety of open positions in the Chicago area and across Illinois. Our team provides expert advice and support throughout the job search process, from crafting resumes to preparing for interviews. Our goal is to connect you with your ideal job, whether you’re looking for temporary work to gain more experience or searching for a permanent position to advance your career.

Why should I choose your agency for staffing solutions in Chicago, IL?

Our unique approach to staffing and placement is rooted in our deep understanding of the Chicago job market and our extensive network of industry contacts. We offer personalised services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations. Our commitment to forming lasting relationships with employers and candidates alike sets us apart and has established us as a leader in the competitive Chicago staffing industry.

What is the difference between a staffing agency and a temp agency?

While both staffing agencies and temp agencies assist individuals in finding employment, they often serve different purposes. A staffing agency typically provides a wider range of employment solutions, including temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements, catering to a broad spectrum of career fields and industries. In contrast, a temp agency focuses primarily on short-term or temporary job placements. Our agency operates as both a staffing and temp agency, offering comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of job seekers and employers in the dynamic Chicago labor market.

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