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Staffing Agency in Boston

Forbes Award-winning staffing agency in Boston with a profound understanding of the local job market, we provides a streamlined approach to your job search. Our exceptional team of recruitment and staffing experts is genuinely committed to offering unwavering support throughout your entire career journey. Whether your aim is to find a remote or an on-site position, secure temporary work or establish long-term employment, our dedication to helping you at every turn is unmatched, with a focus on addressing your individual needs and aspirations.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards

Boston HR Executive Recruiting

As the birthplace of the United States’ first public school, Boston has continued to set the foundation for education, ultimately leading to the introduction of many significant industries that encompass the city. Our personnel search and staffing company is active throughout the region, recognizing the need to find innovative HR professionals across different fields and specialties. Our nationwide agency is a premier partner for recruiting accomplished and successful talent in Boston, from executive search to recruiting and staffing for all HR positions.

Our team of recruiters brings an extensive range of experience to meet the needs of every client. We work closely with organizations to understand their goals, vision, and expectations, using our vast network of HR professionals to find the most qualified candidate for each position. Forming close relationships with each client and hiring managers allows our recruiters to find ideal candidates quickly—and provide immediate results for their business, establishing us as a primary touchpoint for hiring managers seeking to build strong, productive teams.


Housing one of the nation’s oldest educational institutions, it’s no surprise that education is one of Boston’s most important industries. This field undeniably has unique human resources needs—but with help from our seasoned recruiters, we can supply first-rate HR professionals with a history of work in education at all levels.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Boston is home to a leading biotechnology and life sciences industry, with an unprecedented need for experienced and driven HR professionals. As one of the top HR search firms in the nation, our recruiters can quickly search and place candidates who have a proven track record of success within this important industry.

Financial Services

The financial services industry requires a unique set of skills. HR Personnel Services is the leading partner for recruiting and staffing specialists who have banking and finance experience. We understand the complexities of this industry—and our growing network includes candidates capable of contributing from day one.

Information Technology

Information technology is another key industry in the Boston area. The IT industry requires innovative HR professionals to contribute to the success of each company. With a full pool of experienced candidates in the Boston area, HR Personnel Services is the ultimate partner for IT companies in need of exceptional HR professionals.

Government Activity

As one of the oldest cities in the country, it’s no surprise that Boston has a thriving government and political presence. When you need proactive, top-quality HR professionals with experience in government operations, you can trust HR Personnel Services to find you the ideal candidate for any position.

Tourism and Hospitality

Thanks to its rich history and culture, Boston is a highly attractive destination for tourists. Our team specializes in supporting clients across the tourism and hospitality industries with skilled HR professionals who are ready to make an immediate and successful impact.

Boston HR Staffing Services


staffing agency in Boston

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect HR candidate for your field and organization. As a dedicated partner, we assist every job seeker in navigating the employment landscape, matching job seekers with opportunities that align with their skills and experience. We are here to help when you need the best fit for an open HR position in Boston, focusing on connecting local companies with local talent. At HR Personnel Services, our vast network and unmatched experience in recruiting and staffing are exactly what you need. Our ability to place candidates in temp-to-hire positions offers both the job seeker and employer a chance to assess fit before making a long-term commitment. Regardless of industry, our team is here to help you find the most qualified candidates for your unique needs.

As a nationwide leader in human resources search and placement, our hand-picked recruiters have vast experience matching qualified professionals with the goals, culture, and vision of companies across various industries. Our exclusive focus on HR gives us a unique edge, providing efficiency and accuracy when meeting your staffing needs.

If you’re in the Boston area and looking for top-performing HR talent, be sure to partner with HR Personnel Services. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your staffing needs.


What services does HR Personnel Services provide for companies in Boston?

HR Personnel Services is a dedicated staffing agency in Boston that offers a range of services including direct hire, temp to hire, and high volume staffing solutions. We specialize in human resources and administrative support roles, aiding local companies in the Boston area to find qualified candidates.

What industries does HR Personnel Services cater to in Boston?

Our staffing agency serves a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to accounting, business, finance, technology, legal, marketing, advertising, and creative industries. We understand the unique staffing needs of each sector and work to recruit top talent accordingly.

How does HR Personnel Services ensure they find a qualified candidate for a position?

We conduct thorough background checks and leverage our expertise in recruitment to ensure that every new employee we place meets the high standards expected by hiring managers in the Boston area. Our recruiters have access to a wide pool of professionals, allowing us to find the ideal person for each job.

Can HR Personnel Services help with temporary and temp to hire positions?

Yes, our staffing agency is well-versed in workforce strategies, including temporary and temp to hire placements. We provide flexible staffing solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and candidates.

What kind of positions can HR Personnel Services help fill in the Boston area?

Our agency can assist with a variety of positions ranging from administrative assistants to managerial roles in various sectors. We also cater to specialized fields such as banking, engineering, and information technology.

How quickly can HR Personnel Services fill an open position?

The time frame for filling an open position can vary based on the complexity of the job, the level of experience required, and the current market conditions. However, our team works diligently to fill positions as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards for quality candidates.

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