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6 Top Creative Recruiting Strategies for HR Staff

Gone are the days of filling open positions from advertisements placed on a bulletin board in high-traffic areas. In today’s competitive corporate landscape, finding the best HR talent ultimately comes down to how effective your organization’s recruiting strategies are. The hiring process is integral to the development and growth of your organization. You can’t just rely on a simple job post to attract top HR professionals to your organization. If you want to build a successful, highly skilled HR team, your organization needs to focus on these six creative recruiting strategies.

1. Develop a Clear Organizational Brand

What is grassroots recruiting? This strategy uses your current talent base to promote your organization’s brand and culture through their daily interactions with clients and the general public. Your brand sets you apart from other competitors in your industry—and while this tactic may seem difficult to execute, it’s incredibly effective. Without a strong, clear organizational brand, it’s very difficult to cohesively promote your job opportunities across all platforms and marketing materials.

2. Recruiting HR Talent with Social Media

If you’re hoping to attract top millennial talent, you need to take your recruiting efforts to the digital world. Social media gives organizations an opportunity to develop invaluable relationships with prospective hires. Using social media to create a sharp, attractive online presence can do wonders for your HR hiring efforts. Platforms like LinkedIn give you an all-in-one forum for sharing organizational news, advertising open positions, and interacting with potential candidates on a professional level.

3. Create Accurate & Appealing Job Posts

Writing job descriptions that attract the right HR candidates can be difficult, but it’s an essential piece of your organization’s recruitment strategy. In order to connect with the most qualified HR talent, you need to create appealing and accurate job descriptions. It’s OK to start with required tasks and qualifications, but you’ll also want to give insight into how the candidate could grow, develop, and actively enjoy the role. Use this post to demonstrate your company’s values, too. This will help ensure that the candidates it attracts suit your culture and vision.

4. Hire a Recruiting Agency

Sometimes, in-house resources just aren’t enough. There may be times when you need to fill an HR position quickly, but your internal team is too busy to find the right candidates fast enough. In this case, your best bet is to look outside your organization. Hiring a qualified HR recruiting and staffing agency has many benefits, including helping your organization save time and money that could be allocated elsewhere.

At HR Personnel Services, our team of experienced recruiters can help you find the best and brightest candidates for your HR needs. We take the time to understand your company’s unique vision, mission, and culture, which allows us to find driven human resources professionals who are an ideal fit. Whether you need help hiring entry-level staff or seasoned HR executives, we’re the staffing partner to trust.

5. Reach Out to Passive Candidates

Just because a candidate isn’t currently seeking a position, that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Often, these professionals are the most qualified and have the most desirable attributes for the job. Reaching out to these prospects shows your organization’s interest in them and their talents, even if they aren’t actively looking for a new position. This not only puts your organization on their radar, but it also increases awareness and builds relationships with potential future employees.

6. Be Transparent

If there’s one thing that will break your ability to recruit top talent, it’s being ambiguous. Across every interaction and interview, you need to be transparent about what you have to offer for prospective candidates. Make sure that your total compensation package is competitive within your industry—and be totally honest about what candidates should expect in this role. Most importantly, be sure to emphasize what sets you apart as a business, without bending the truth or overpromising.

Find the Best Human Resources Candidates

As a nationwide leader specializing exclusively in the search and recruitment of human resources professionals, we’ve sourced the right candidates for businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our dedicated and experienced recruiters will find the perfect fit for your open HR position—not only in terms of skill, but culture as well. If you need to fill an open HR role quickly and seamlessly, contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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