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Executive Search for Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to filling an executive HR position within your company, you know you can’t settle for anyone less than exceptional. The hiring process can be a tiresome endeavor, but this role is too important to compromise with a subpar candidate. So then, how can you mitigate the stress of finding top-level executive HR professionals? Our team at HR Personnel Services is here to help.

As a leader in human resource staffing for Fortune 500 companies, we streamline the entire HR hiring process—providing you with the ideal candidate for your role quickly and efficiently. With our extensive national network of seasoned candidates, we’re uniquely positioned to find HR executives with the skills and vision your business needs. How do you know if an HR staffing agency is the right route for your organization to take? To help make your decision easier, here’s a breakdown of how we successfully place HR professionals in executive roles for our Fortune 500 clients.

How It Works

At HR Personnel Services, we’re constantly connecting with proven HR leaders and executives who are considering a career change. We want to take the pressure off of your company in finding the best candidate while ensuring these professionals are happy in their new role. Our recruiters specifically target talent with advanced leadership skills, vision, and innovative ideas—all core qualities our Fortune 500 clients demand.

The following are some of the executive positions that we regularly help fill:

  • VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Director
  • Senior HR Manager
  • Director of Compensation and Benefits
  • Director of Employee Relations
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Training

What sets HR Personnel Services apart is our approach. We build a relationship with each client we serve—understanding their management styles, corporate culture, company values, and long-term goals. This helps us to determine what type of candidate will thrive in each open leadership role. No matter the constraints or demands, we work diligently to find the ideal fit for each unique position.

Our experienced recruiters perform a thorough screening of the best qualified candidates, based on our client’s criteria. Through database matching and in-person or remote interviews, our recruiters dive deep into each candidate’s skills, experience, and other attributes that contribute to successful leadership within the company. This in-depth search and recruiting process ensures that every candidate presented to our clients is qualified to meet their goals and exceed their expectations.

We know that human resources executives have unique requirements and qualifications. By focusing solely on the field of HR, we offer a unique advantage over general staffing and placement agencies. We’ve helped create ideal matches between candidates and open executive roles for over two decades, delivering complete satisfaction for both parties.

Why Use an Executive Search Firm?

Why should you use an executive search firm to fill your most important HR positions? Finding a top-quality HR executive can be highly challenging. And when you post a job opening on your website or job board, you can almost always expect a flood of applications and resumes. Most HR professionals don’t have time to sort through an endless pile of applications—taking weeks, if not months, to go through the hiring process. This is where an executive search firm can help. An executive search firm uses their vast network of top HR leaders to find your ideal fit from the onset, taking that weight off your team’s shoulders.

An executive search firm can be particularly helpful if your company needs to fill a position quickly. You don’t want to feel pressured to hire the first decent candidate that comes your way. At HR Personnel Services, our recruiting professionals have years of human resources experience. They can work with your team to find strong candidates who will start contributing to your company’s goals and culture right away. If you’re hoping to fill an executive HR role quickly and efficiently, we’re the perfect partner for you.

A Recognized Leader in HR Recruitment

Our team has sourced the right candidates for a number of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, we’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” for two years running. Our staff are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your executive HR role and building a strong relationship of trust with your team. We know that it takes an HR professional to find an HR professional—and we’re committed to recruiting great candidates who are prepared to make an immediate impact. If you need to fill an open executive HR role for your business, be sure to reach out to us today.

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