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4 Qualifications of a Stellar HR Candidate

It’s hard to say which traits define an excellent human resources professional. Industry experience, clear ethics, listening skills, innovation—there’s no shortage of high-demand qualifications for HR talent. But the question still stands: which of these attributes matter most in a prospective HR employee?

At HR Personnel Services, we’ve been connecting businesses across the nation with top-quality HR candidates for over two decades. Over the years, we’ve identified a few essential qualifications that successful HR employees share. Today, let’s shed some light on these qualities to help you find the best HR hire for your organization.

HR Expertise

Knowledge and experience are the foundation for any stellar HR employee. Candidates need these core building blocks to understand and manage the many HR initiatives your business takes on. Even if you’re hiring an HR expert for a particular HR task (like recruiting or payroll), it’s important to assess how well they understand the field as a whole.

Past jobs and educational achievements are effective ways to assess a candidate’s expertise—but a solid resume alone can’t confirm this strength. You’ll also want to ask potential hires about their perspective on current and upcoming industry events. A knowledgeable HR candidate understands how the field is changing—and how those shifts can create new opportunities for your enterprise.

Communication Skills

Here’s another fundamental skill for all HR professionals. Without sharp communication skills, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of the many daily challenges HR teams face. For example, HR employees often have to express complex ideas (like changes in plans or policies) clearly—both through verbal and written messages. That’s why it’s key to invest in an HR candidate with great speaking and writing skills.

The ability to express ideas intelligently is critical for HR employees—but that’s only one part of communication in the world of HR. When employees have fears or concerns in the workplace, they need a talented HR specialist to understand their problems and provide appropriate support. Great HR candidates listen just as well as they speak—and can clearly communicate what they learn. Give special consideration to candidates who are strong communicators—especially if they can stay friendly, professional and considerate under pressure.

Multi-Tasking Skills

One huge component of HR is resolving daily issues in the workplace as they come up. Depending on their workload, an HR professional could be managing personal complaints, brainstorming recruiting strategies and disciplining struggling employees—all at the same time. It’s essential to invest in an HR candidate with strong multi-tasking skills to ensure that none of these crucial efforts slip through the cracks.

The most challenging aspect of multi-tasking is task prioritization. In HR, most problems have tight deadlines—and some close more quickly than others. Outstanding HR candidates understand the timeline and severity of each task they’re given, and invest available resources accordingly. Proper work prioritization can make all the difference between an average and an exceptional HR employee.

Culture Fit

Culture fit is a major qualification for any hire your organization makes. In fact, studies have shown that up to 84% of recruiters consider culture fit to be one of the most important recruitment factors—and it’s no surprise why. Employees who align with their organization’s mission, vision and culture are more engaged in their role, encouraging superior performance and retention.

Your ultimate goal with this hire is to bring a passionate, valuable, and long-lasting HR employee into your organization. You’re looking for someone who values your team, understands your business priorities, and strives to build a stronger, more closely connected workplace. That’s why it’s critical to choose an HR candidate who complements and strengthens your work culture.

Testing HR candidates on culture fit can be challenging, but there are a few tactics that work well. Be sure to ask prospective hires about their ideal work environment—then see how closely it matches up with your own workspace and culture. Moreover, try to gain insight into what candidates think about your company vision and mission. Take note of the HR experts who express interest and enthusiasm on the subject.

Find the Best HR Candidate for Your Business

If you’re ready to make the HR hiring process easier and more efficient, then be sure to contact HR Personnel Services. Our team leverages a nationwide network of professionals to connect you with the perfect candidates for your organization’s human resources needs. Together, we can find a highly qualified HR specialist who matches your vision, goals and business culture.

You can also reach out to us for more information on how to qualify your HR candidates—and find an individual who meets and exceeds your hiring needs. Whether you need insight on key HR manager qualifications or simply want advice on finding an HR candidate who matches your unique business culture, we’re here to help.

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