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In-House Corporate Recruiters vs. Executive Search Firms

Every company reaches a point where they need someone to manage hiring efforts. The process of sifting through resume after resume can be a daunting, tedious task for hiring managers, especially if there are executive-level roles to fill. Finding the right candidate with the skills needed to be successful within your organization can be difficult. So, how do you make this important process easier?

There are two routes you can take when it comes to finding qualified individuals for your team: in-house corporate recruiters or executive search firms. Both have unique benefits—as well as some negative attributes. But how do you determine which one is better for your organization? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to both in-house corporate recruiting and executive search firms to make your decision easier.

In-House Corporate Recruiters

In-house recruiting is an entirely different animal than executive search firms for a variety of reasons. Here are the key pros and cons of in-house recruiting:

Pros of In-House Corporate Recruiters

In-house recruiting definitely has its benefits. First off, your internal recruiter should have a deep understanding of your organization’s culture and values. This can contribute immensely to the hiring process—and help weed out candidates who don’t fit in. An in-house recruiter also knows the long-term plans and goals of your organization. They can use that information throughout the hiring process to find candidates who will be able to successfully contribute to those goals and make a positive impact on your organization.

In-house recruiters are often more people-focused than an executive search firm. They know how your company operates—and have the ability to select candidates that mesh well with your executive team. If you find your organization in a consistent recruitment cycle throughout the year, putting together a dedicated team for recruiting can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Cons of In-House Corporate Recruiters

Unfortunately, in-house recruiting also comes with a few key drawbacks. When high-level positions become available within your organization, your HR recruiters should expect a flood of resumes and applications. Right off the bat, they’ll be forced to sift through applicants and narrow down the list to those with the proper skills and experience. This can take far too much time and effort from your HR staff, especially when they also need to focus their attention on keeping other aspects of your organization running smoothly.

When your organization needs to fill a position quickly and efficiently, sometimes an in-house recruiter just doesn’t cut it. Taking the time to source, screen, and interview candidates can take upwards of several months. And when you need to hire someone quickly, no one has time to wait that long for the hiring process to resolve.

Executive Search Firms

Why trust an executive search firm to select the right employees for you? Here are the pros and cons of partnering with one of these organizations:

Pros of Executive Search Firms

When you need to fill a position quickly and efficiently, an executive search firm can make all the difference. A firm’s recruiters have years of experience finding and hiring the most qualified candidates for organizations. Through their extensive network of professionals, firms have the ability to pull from a pool of talented, active job seekers at any time.

An executive search firm takes a huge weight off of your organization in the hiring process. Their main objective is to find you a candidate that can hit the ground running on their first day, successfully contributing to your organization’s goals and culture. They also work with you through the entire process, from screening to interviewing, to help you find employees who have the skills and adaptability to succeed within your organization.

Cons of Executive Search Firms

While it may seem like using an executive search firm is the perfect choice, there are also negatives. Most executive search firms don’t take the time to understand your organization’s culture, values, and goals like an in-house recruiting team would. Recruiters need to take into account the nuances of your organization to find the best fit.

Another con of executive search firms is that they do not work as closely with the hiring managers within your company as an in-house recruiter would. Hiring for an executive position can be overwhelming and difficult. Working with these managers helps to ensure that the ideal HR candidate is chosen for each position.

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