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What Is an Executive Search Firm?

The job hunt can be exhausting for applicants, but it can be just as tiring, frustrating, and ultimately fruitless for companies looking to hire qualified candidates. Simply announcing that your company is hiring or posting a job description on your website isn’t enough to help you find the right C-level or other executive-level candidate for the job. These roles require the perfect person with the right amount of experience and a complementary management style who also happens to be the right cultural fit for your office.

So, where are all of these executive candidates hiding? They might have simply missed your job description in the sea of open positions listed on job boards. Another possibility is that they may not be actively looking, instead waiting for the right opportunity to come their way. How can you hope to attract qualified candidates while excluding the unqualified ones? And what if you need to fill a position quickly—how on earth can you speed up the cumbersome hiring process?

An executive search firm or staffing agency can help. Armed with talented recruiters and plenty of experience, the top executive search firms help companies both large and small source the ideal candidates for open positions. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers that can help you determine whether or not your company might benefit from working with an executive staffing agency.

What Do Executive Search Firms Do?

In a nutshell, a search firm recruits candidates to fill open positions for companies. This takes the pressure off of your company to find a qualified hire and helps avoid bad hires. Ideally, a staffing agency will find you the perfect candidate on the first try.

Executive search firms specialize in sourcing talented candidates for executive, senior, and other advanced roles. These firms may also specialize in certain fields or industries. At HR Personnel Services, for example, we work exclusively with companies who need human resources candidates. This focus allows us to hone in on the most highly qualified candidates— after all, it takes an HR professional to find an HR professional!

An executive recruiting firm can help you source candidates for a variety of roles. Here are just some of the executive HR jobs that we help to fill:

  • VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Director
  • Senior HR Manager
  • Director of Employee Relations
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Training

Why Should You Work with an Executive Search Firm?

Oftentimes, posting a job description on your company website or LinkedIn will get you hundreds of applications. That sounds great—such a wide field of candidates from which to choose! But who has the time to go through them all and weed out the unqualified applicants?

This is where an executive search firm comes in to save the day. Not only can experienced recruiters save you time and money; search firms typically have a network of highly qualified candidates in place who can hit the ground running and begin contributing to your team from the start. If you’re hoping to fill a role quickly and efficiently or even reduce turnover for a certain role, a staffing firm is the perfect place to start.

How Do Executive Search Firms Find Candidates?

Depending on the size and resources of your company, you might find yourself resigned to trolling online job boards for candidates that might fit your open positions. Another possibility is relying on recommendations from your current internal team.

Executive search firms take a different approach. At HR Personnel, we rely on our nationwide network of talented human resources professionals to help us locate exactly the right candidate. Oftentimes, these ideal professionals won’t even be on those job boards—they’ll be working hard and waiting for the right offer to come their way. We’re adept at identifying those candidates and placing them on teams where they can make a difference.

What Do Executive Search Firms Charge?

While each search firm has a different way of doing things, we offer a variety of pricing options that can be tailored to fit any hiring need or company size. Our most common HR recruiting and placement fee is a contingency fee arrangement, which means that you’ll only pay our competitive fees when you hire a successful candidate that we’ve sourced. We also offer expedited services for time-sensitive searches.

Are Executive Search Firms Worth It?

There are a number of reasons to utilize an executive recruitment firm, from needing to fill a role immediately to wanting to take advantage of a vast network of qualified candidates. Maybe you don’t have the resources to recruit and interview candidates from all over the place, or perhaps you’ve had a string of candidates try to fill a certain role, but none of them have been the right fit. In all of these cases, a search firm can help. So, is it worth it? We think so!

The Perfect Human Resource Recruit for Your Executive Role

Filling an open position is tricky enough. Filling an executive HR role can seem like an impossible task. At HR Personnel Services, we’ve sourced the right candidates for businesses ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our recruiters are talented, experienced, and dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your open role, both in terms of skills and fit for your company culture. If you need to fill an open executive HR role, contact us today.

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