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Why You Should Hire from a Human Resource Staffing Agency

Looking for a qualified human resource recruit to fill an open position? Don’t post that job description just yet, or you could find yourself wading through seemingly endless applications from people who don’t have the needed experience or who simply aren’t a good fit for your organization. There’s a better way to identify and hire the right people for the job. An HR recruitment agency can streamline the hiring process and provide you with an ideal candidate for the role quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the top benefits of working with an HR staffing agency.

Avoid Unqualified Hires

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. They keep everything running smoothly—but don’t mistake them for simple cogs in a machine. When you lose a key employee or need to fill a new position, you’re in for a complex hiring process, not a simple swap or replacement. One bad hire can damage your team, office morale, and even your entire brand. 

A recruiting agency, particularly one that specializes in human resources, can find the perfect person to fill that open spot. At HR Personnel Services, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive a candidate who is not only qualified for the job but is also a great fit for your company culture.

Access Top HR Candidates

Finding an HR specialist or executive can be particularly challenging. Your company deserves the best talent, but you might not find it with a simple job description posted online. After all, anyone can click a button and send in a resume—then you or your hiring manager will be stuck sorting through each application just to figure out which candidates should be interviewed. And even if applicants have the right amount of experience, they aren’t necessarily a good fit for your company or for the overall role. 

You need a professional who can provide meaningful contributions from the start, one who possesses the critical thinking skills, social instincts, and adaptability needed to make him or her a success at your company. There’s an easier way to get to those top candidates. With a vast network of passive hires and skilled individuals already in place, a human resources agency is equipped to find that uniquely qualified talent. Our HR executive recruiters will go beyond a simple job description to learn about your company’s goals, objectives, and culture. We’ll then utilize our nationwide network of professionals to find a brilliant individual (or individuals) who will shine in their new role.

Save Money

Between prescreening, background checks, and the hours you or another employee spend interviewing candidates, the process of hiring a new employee can get pricey. Your company also faces additional risk and costs in the case that your new hire isn’t a good fit or decides to leave just as you’ve finally gotten him or her trained in and up to speed. Working with a staffing agency takes some of the guesswork out of the equation and can be more cost-effective than screening applicants yourself. At HR Personnel Services, we’re proud to offer a variety of fee arrangements to fit every business’ unique needs!

Fill Roles Quickly

An HR search firm is particularly useful when you need to fill a spot quickly. Unless your company has staff exclusively dedicated to recruiting and hiring, the HR department probably has better things to do than spend hours sorting through dozens of applications, narrowing down options, interviewing applicants, and eventually extending one or more offers. The entire hiring process can take weeks or even months, and no one has time for that—particularly in today’s fast-paced, digital world. 

When you post that job description online while in desperate need of an HR professional, you might be tempted to cut the lengthy process short by hiring the first decent candidate that sends his or her resume over. That’s no way to hire for such a people-oriented position! Our handpicked recruiting professionals have years of human resources experience which they’ll put to good use quickly finding qualified candidates who can hit the ground running.

Prevent Turnover

Do you find yourself constantly hiring and rehiring for a specific role? It could be that you need an updated job description that more accurately reflects the responsibilities of the title, or maybe you’ve been recruiting on the wrong website. As an award-winning HR staffing agency, we pride ourselves on knowing it all—best practices, HR laws and regulations, and exactly how to go about finding the right person to get the job done. We’ll perform an extensive analysis to make the right match.

Finding the Right Human Resource Recruit

Forbes has included us on its list of “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” for the past two years, and for good reason. Here at HR Personnel Services, we know that it takes an HR professional to find an HR professional, and we’re dedicated to recruiting highly qualified candidates who are prepared to make an impact. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced recruiting agency can match you with talented HR professionals at any level.

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