The Atlanta metro area is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States, and is the largest economic market in the Southeastern U.S. Its primary industries include transportation, logistics, business services, media operations, and information technology. With a population of nearly 6 million, it offers great opportunities and a high demand for human resources professionals. Its economy is the eighth largest in the USA, as well. Our executive search firm has assisted many Atlanta corporations in recruiting top-performing HR executives and specialists through our extensive network of job candidates and its exclusive focus on HR search and placement. Our talented and experienced recruiters have also facilitated job seekers by finding positions in this attractive, lively city.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

HR Staffing and Executive Search Agency for Atlanta, Georgia

As with other major markets in the United States, Atlanta and other markets in Georgia have taken advantage of the unique HR focus of our staffing and recruiting agency. Through effective mining of an extensive network of resourceful, creative professionals, we are able to locate and recruit solid candidates for executive human resources leadership positions as well as positions in every specialty at every level. By forming strong relationships with our clients, we learn their goals, culture, and the exact requirements for the positions they list with us. Then, using our technological resources and the extensive HR experience of our team, we find candidates who match each position’s requirements precisely. Our efficiency and expertise will shorten the time between listing a position and finding an ideal candidate to fill that position.

Our services in the Atlanta area and Georgia include:

Logistics and Transportation – Home of the world’s busiest airport and extensive railroad and trucking companies, the Atlanta area can rely on our HR search firm to find candidates at all levels with extensive experience in these industries.

Media Companies – Atlanta is the headquarters of CNN, The Weather Channel, and Cox Enterprises, along with a host of other media and entertainment companies. The unique personnel management needs of these industries are met by our ability to locate candidates who match specific industry requirements.

Information Technology – With the fourth largest concentration of IT jobs in the country, Atlanta’s technology companies call on our experience in recruiting HR specialists with extensive knowledge of the IT industry, through our nationwide network of highly-qualified candidates.

Diverse Industries – As the third largest headquarters city for Fortune 500 corporations and host to offices representing 75% of Fortune 1000 companies, Atlanta has a wide range of staffing requirements, and our firm is ready to meet any company’s recruiting needs.

Our search and placement firm is uniquely qualified to assist corporations and organizations in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. With an exclusive focus on human resources professional recruiting, we offer a targeted approach to finding highly qualified professionals with extensive experience for at all levels. From skilled, creative executives to head HR Departments to specialists in every aspect of personnel management, our ability to match candidates closely to the specific requirements of any corporate sector and corporate culture expedites the process of filling the most exacting positions.

For Atlanta corporate HR Departments, and for businesses in other cities of Georgia, including Columbus, Augusta, Savannah, and Athens, one call to our agency is the key to HR recruiting success. 

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