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What Are the Different Types of Human Resource Jobs?

Human resources is a growing field that spans a vast range of professional roles. Managers, associates, recruiters, specialists—there’s no end to the types of HR jobs on the current market. But what sets these diverse roles apart? And which should you invest in to bolster your company’s HR team?

At HR Personnel Services, we help employers across the nation with finding and recruiting outstanding HR professionals. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve taught many clients about the value that different types of HR jobs can bring to their business. So today, let’s define a few of the major HR positions to help your team find the best employee for its human resources needs.

Why Are There Different Types of HR Jobs?

HR encompasses a wide variety of business activities and needs, ranging from talent acquisition to employee payroll. Here’s a short list of the key responsibilities HR professionals handle to give you a better overview of the field:

  • Recruiting & placing employees
  • Training & developing staff
  • Employee-employer relations
  • Administering payroll & benefits
  • Labor law compliance

For smaller organizations, these core HR tasks can be managed by just a few general HR employees. But as companies grow in size and complexity, they start to rely on more specialized human resources staff to handle specific duties. That’s one of the main reasons why the HR field features so many different types of jobs.

Now that we’ve reviewed the scope of HR as a discipline, let’s talk through a few of the most foundational HR jobs to help you hire the best candidate for your business.What Do Employment & Recruiting Specialists Do?

What Do Employment & Recruiting Specialists Do?

HR experts that manage employee hiring and placement are generally called “recruiters.” These specialists are responsible for researching their company’s employment needs—and using that knowledge to hire the best available candidates. As one of the types of HR jobs that require travel, HR recruiters are often tasked with visiting colleges, job fairs, and other locations to find and attract prospective talent. Employment and recruiting specialists often interview applicants, too.

Hiring a recruiter is a great choice if you’re having trouble connecting with top-quality candidates. This specialist will meet with your key stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding of your vision, goals, and culture—using this information to place exceptional candidates for each role.

What Do Benefits & Compensation Managers Do?

Benefits & compensation managers are responsible for developing and implementing competitive salaries, benefits, and bonuses for employees. Employee demands, expectations, and competencies are constantly evolving, which is why this HR job is so essential. HR specialists in this role are trained to determine the optimal salary and benefits for each role within an organization to maximize retention and company profits.

Investing in a benefits & compensation manager is a perfect option if you’re struggling to keep your compensation packages competitive. Thanks to their management skills, these experts can also oversee and direct more junior HR specialists or support staff in your organization.

What Do Development & Training Specialists Do?

Development & training specialists excel in helping employees improve and maintain their professional skills. These experts create in-depth training programs for employees—coordinating with managers and supervisors to bolster employee performance across every level of the enterprise.

Connecting with a training & development specialist is a sound choice if you’re looking for help with planning programs to improve employee skills or knowledge. This role is particularly useful for growing companies who need to onboard and integrate several new staff quickly and seamlessly.

What Do HRIS Specialists Do?

Human resources information systems (HRIS) specialists are experts at implementing and overseeing HR information management systems. These software tools act as a secure repository of employee data to streamline core HR processes—while eliminating the need for storing paper files. An HRIS specialist can also use these tools to generate in-depth HR reports, providing fast, accurate data on turnover, headcount, and more.

It’s smart to hire an HRIS specialist if your current HR team is being bogged down by inefficient processes and paperwork. With their help, your enterprise can digitize physical assets to speed up its HR workflows—allowing your department to spend significantly less time on clerical tasks.

What Do HR Generalists Do?

Human resources generalists handle the day-to-day management of all HR operations. These experts are responsible for everything from recruiting and employee orientation to ongoing development and training. Typically, HR generalists will also take care of HR policy development and performance management—championing all the core human resources efforts a company needs to succeed.

Hiring an HR generalist is a good idea if your business needs a single expert to fulfill multiple human resources tasks. This position is particularly useful for small, growing organizations that don’t need a full-fledged HR department yet. Having a single person to manage your daily HR tasks is highly efficient—and provides a perfect foundation for an eventual HR team.

Make HR Staffing Easy

Ready to hire a superb HR professional for your business? At HR Personnel Services, we offer award-winning recruiting and staffing solutions for employers of every size. We can connect your team with reliable, cost-effective HR employees across a variety of roles, empowering your business with successful candidates who make an impact from day one.

You can also reach out to us for more information on the different types of HR jobs on the market—or advice on how to choose the best candidate for your company’s HR needs. We’re always here to help.

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