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How to Tell If Your HR Recruit Is a Good Fit

Adjusting to a new professional role can be incredibly challenging, especially for employees fresh out of school. The process of welcoming a new HR recruit takes time and patience from all parties involved—and even well-supported candidates can falter if they aren’t the right fit. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the signs of a recruit with great potential in your organization.

For over twenty years, HR Personnel Services has been transforming businesses through top-notch HR candidates that make an impact from day one. We’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s best recruiting firms for two years running, which means we know a thing or two about finding outstanding HR recruits for enterprises. Today, we’ll be helping you tell whether your new HR recruit is the right fit for your business.

Employee Engagement & Impact

Every HR recruit shows promise (that’s why you chose them, after all), but assessing their actual impact can be a disheartening experience. Some HR recruits need time to absorb new ideas and processes before they can perform at their best. Other times, they start exceptionally and slope off as their interest drops. The most important factor here is engagement; enthusiastic recruits who are struggling can improve their performance and excel, while disengaged hires rarely do.

There are a number of methods to assess an HR recruit’s engagement. One-on-one meetings are a great way to keep a pulse on their level of interest in the role as time passes. If your hire is passionate about their work and making an active effort to improve, they’re likely a good fit for the role. If they’re having trouble, give them time, encouragement and a few more opportunities to shine before making a final call. However, if your hire seems withdrawn and only meets their minimum responsibilities, it’s unlikely that they’ll pull ahead—even with more investment on your part.

Team & Culture Fit

Even the most talented HR recruits will fail to thrive if they don’t align with your workplace culture. Does your recruit enjoy the pace and degree of structure in their role? Do they have a strong relationship with their coworkers? What about their manager? How well are they handling requests to adapt in their role? These questions will give you insight into how well your HR recruit matches your culture—and their likelihood to stick with your business.

Hiring based on culture fit is one of the most effective methods for selecting employees and retaining strong talent. That’s why our seasoned recruiters at HR Personnel Services gain a deep understanding of each client’s unique culture to find a professional that precisely matches their needs.

Keep tabs on your HR recruit to see how well they mesh with other members of your team—and your workplace processes in general. If they naturally suit your workplace culture, they’re a great fit. If they don’t, make an effort to address and accommodate those concerns. Even small gestures (like a personal invitation to an after-work event) can provide the encouragement they need to engage and attach to your culture.

Industry Interest & Passion

HR is a universal need for businesses across every industry. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find HR candidates with little interest in the field their prospective employers serve. Your HR recruit may be an exceptional match in terms of performance, but are they passionate about the work your business does? Do they want to grow within your industry specifically—or simply gain experience in an HR role?

You can measure a recruit’s level of industry passion in a few ways. Try asking them about their thoughts on different innovations and shifts in the field. Do they have questions or ideas on the subject? It’s fine if they don’t know your industry inside and out at the onset, but their interest should grow as they mature into the new role. Recruits who are genuinely excited about their employer’s field are much more likely to stay engaged and contribute to the company long-term.

Find the Right HR Staff for Your Business

Want more advice on deciding whether your HR candidate is the best fit for your team? Then be sure to connect with HR Personnel Services. We can leverage a nationwide network of HR professionals to provide the advice and outstanding candidates your organization needs to thrive. From direct hire to temporary staffing services, our team can deliver the perfect HR recruiting and staffing solutions for your enterprise.

The HR field is full of tough questions. How can you measure culture fit? What is a good retention rate for employees? And, most importantly, who should you rely on for the latest insights on the world of HR? No matter the challenges your team faces, HR Personnel Services is here to help. Reach out to us for more info on assessing your HR recruits—or how to spot a good candidate at an interview. We can’t wait to work with you.

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