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Top 5 Skills for Human Resources Executives

When you need to find a candidate for a human resources executive position, you know you can’t just choose the first person who applies. This important role within your company requires certain skills and competencies. As technology and best practices evolve, so do the skills of top HR executives. But how should you know what to look out for when finding your ideal candidate?

HR Executive Skills and Competencies

With every job comes core qualifications and skills, and an HR executive role is no different. Some skills might seem simple enough for most candidates to learn or acquire, but others require many years of experience to master enough to become a high-performing HR executive. Here’s a list of five crucial skills your next HR executive will need to contribute to your team’s success.

  1. Communication Skills

First and foremost, communication skills are vital to the role of an HR executive. The HR team interacts with people on a regular basis, making this soft skill one of the most important to have. Great communication skills help with all aspects of HR—including recruitment, employee relations, and conflict management. And while the ability to speak and write intelligently is key—strong listening skills are essential for HR executives, too.

Communication goes hand in hand with employee relations. As an HR executive, you’re responsible for ensuring that employees feel well understood and cared for. Having strong communication and listening skills allows you to be open with employees—and gauge other points of view to help find solutions for potential problems.

2. Organization Skills

Organization skills are a must for a top HR executive. The HR department is responsible for many facets of a business, including keeping track of numerous records and files related to employees. They handle many documents that need to be kept confidential, so having strong organization skills is imperative.

An HR executive also needs to be able to manage multiple tasks at once. With strong organization skills, they will be able to handle the stress of task management and coordinating employee efforts. Top HR candidates understand the timeline and importance of each task they have—investing in available resources accordingly. Organization skills can make all the difference between a good and an excellent HR executive.

3. Legal Competency

Having legal knowledge is imperative for an HR executive. It’s critical to stay on top of continuously changing employment laws, both at the state and federal levels. This is a vital skill for all HR staff because the HR department is responsible for ensuring your company is compliant with laws that relate to employee conflict, education, training, equal pay, and more. Legal competency helps HR leaders manage potential issues proactively, rather than reactively—helping to avoid expensive fines or lawsuits.

4. Adaptability

The human resources department deals with unexpected circumstances regularly. That’s why having the ability to adapt in all situations (quickly and effectively) is a key skill for HR executives. At times, an employee may leave their current role unexpectedly, leaving the HR team to source and recruit qualified candidates to fill the empty position. Other times, the HR team needs to adapt to changing workplace culture by modifying existing policies.

A skilled HR executive also needs to be able to participate in decision-making and strategic planning for the overall benefit of the company, as well as their own self-improvement. Taking the time to learn and grow is just as important for the company as it is for their career. If you want to create a strong and stable HR team, you can’t get too comfortable. Having a mindset geared toward improvement and adaptability helps retain employees and improve company culture.

5. Business Management

Business management is a must-have skill to succeed as an HR executive. This talent encompasses the administrative skills necessary for running and growing a successful business. Human resources executives manage a wide range of internal projects and are tasked with finding, hiring, and retaining the right employees. This is why it’s essential to have exceptional business and project management skills to keep HR efforts efficient and impactful.

Find Your Next HR Executive

At HR Personnel Services, we know how important it is to find an HR leader that aligns with your company’s needs and culture. Our team of experienced recruiters will work hard to help you find the perfect candidate for this crucial position. By taking the time to understand your company’s vision, culture, and goals, we can connect you with driven candidates who deliver better results for your HR team. If you need help finding the perfect HR executive, contact us today. We’re the staffing partner you can trust. 

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