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Does My Business Need a Director of Training?

A company’s most important asset is their employees, bar none. And while it’s important to source and hire skilled candidates from the start, there’s always room for additional training, learning, and development. Although you could outsource training and development programs, your business may benefit from hiring a director of learning and development (or director of training). However, whether or not your organization should hire someone for this role will depend on a variety of factors. So this time, let’s take a deeper look at what a director of training does—and the benefits of having one.

What Does a Director of Learning and Development Do?

A director of learning and development does more than just train and onboard new employees. This expert is responsible for planning and coordinating programs that will enhance the knowledge and skills of your organization’s employees. They’re also tasked with assessing each employee’s need for training—and aligning that with your organization’s strategic goals while making the best use of available resources. An important aspect of this role is ensuring that all training and development programs are relevant. This might include updating out-of-date programs to reflect today’s best practices and required skills.

When might this position be beneficial to add to your HR team? As an organization that’s continuously growing and evolving, this position could benefit you and your employees immensely. Having a full-time director of learning and development on your HR team can help alleviate the stress of juggling a variety of tasks that many HR managers and directors have. You’ll be able to dedicate more time and effort to nurturing the skills of your employees—and empowering them to be successful long-term.

The Benefits of Ongoing Training and Development

In case you might need a little more convincing on the benefits of having a director of training, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that ongoing training and development could have on your employees and organization overall.

Creating a More Responsive Workplace

The business world is constantly changing, with new ideas and innovation taking place almost daily. This can make it hard for employees to keep up. When you have the ability to provide ongoing learning, training, and development programs, you’re giving your employees the tools they need to bridge the gap. Employees should be kept up to date on relevant trends and technology to create a more responsive workplace toward future changes. Additionally, your employees need time and resources to remain top professionals in their field—continuous training and development helps provide exactly that.

Improving Engagement and Morale

Engagement has a direct impact on the success and happiness of your employees. Improving engagement and boosting morale is vital in every organization—and ongoing training and development programs can be the key to doing so. When you invest in high-quality training, you’re showing your employees that you care about their success and growth. A director of training is someone who can dedicate the time and resources into building programs that keep employees at the top of their game—while working towards creating a more enjoyable work environment for everyone.

Having a positive training experience is the key here: you don’t want employees to feel punished or pressured into something they aren’t ready for. A high-quality director can help set up training and development programs to have a positive impact on employees and your organization as a whole.

Inspiring a Collaborative Culture

Formalized ongoing learning and development fosters a collaborative culture—where employees and managers more easily pass along crucial information. At times, it can be hard for various departments to stay in the loop with others within your organization, but training can bring managers and employees together to build a better team dynamic. Encouraging a collaborative culture that promotes sharing relevant information helps to maximize efficiency and productivity—which directly benefits your bottom line.

Find the Ideal Director of Training with HR Personnel Services

If you think your organization will benefit from a director of training, finding the perfect candidate for the job is crucial. At HR Personnel Services, we’re dedicated to finding the best HR professionals—including a skilled director of training to add to your staff. Our experienced team of recruiters will work hard to find you a skilled candidate who’s ready to make an immediate impact.

Having delivered exceptional candidates for businesses of all sizes since 1995, we’re the partner to trust for all of your HR recruiting needs. We’ll take the time to deeply understand your business vision and values to connect you with an ideal candidate who complements and enhances your culture. We also know that it takes an HR professional to find an HR professional. So if you need to fill an open HR role for your team, contact us today. 

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