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4 Effective Passive Recruiting Strategies

The success of your company ultimately hinges on the success of your employees. That’s why it’s so crucial to hire the right candidates. But how exactly do you entice your ideal HR manager or executive? To attract top HR candidates, human resources departments know that recruiting is essential—and not just recruiting those who are actively looking for a job.

By now, we understand that the best candidates are usually already employed. This is where passive recruiting can be invaluable to your business. Passive recruiting is all about targeting candidates who aren’t currently searching for a new job, which can present several challenges to recruiters and HR departments. If you want to source and place passive candidates successfully, you’ll need to focus on these four time-tested strategies.

1. Know Who Your Ideal Candidate Is

Before you begin reaching out to potential passive candidates, you need to research and understand them first. Many of today’s professionals are active on social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Through these channels, you can review their work history, skills, and any organizations or networking groups they engage with. Have they advanced within their current company? Have they been recognized as a key contributor to a successful project? These achievements can be useful indicators of whether their skills and experience will suit the HR role you need to fill.

2. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

While LinkedIn may be your go-to social media platform for recruiting top professionals, you should also consider other social platforms to research and connect with candidates. For example, popular channels like Twitter or Facebook can help you glean information on each candidate’s personality, lifestyle, and compatibility with your own workplace culture. Channels like Facebook also have advanced search capabilities that allow you to really narrow down your search. If you use this to your advantage, you can find candidates who align with your business needs and culture.

3. Focus on Professional Growth & Company Culture

Finding passive candidates isn’t hard; it’s convincing those candidates to leave their current position in favor of yours that’s challenging. To capture the attention of a top-shelf candidate, you need to show them why your company is unique—and what they stand to gain by joining your team specifically.

Two of the most influential aspects of accepting a new position are company culture and career growth. If a passive candidate doesn’t believe a new role will be more rewarding than their current one (or aren’t confident they will enjoy working in this new environment), they’re very unlikely to make a change.

As you begin to reach out to passive candidates, try building a conversation around how the candidate could grow and be successful within your company—especially if you offer benefits their current employer can’t. This strategy is the perfect way to communicate your company’s unique perks—and help candidates understand why your role is the best fit for their goals.

4. Use a Staffing or Recruiting Agency

One of the best ways to reach passive candidates effectively is by using a recruiting or staffing agency. At times, you may need to fill an open position quickly when your internal team is too busy to find quality candidates—or doesn’t have a pool of candidates readily available. In these situations, looking outside your organization is often your best bet. Hiring a qualified HR recruiting and staffing agency can have several benefits, including helping your company save time and money.

Find the Best HR Candidates for Your Business

At HR Personnel Services, our team of experienced recruiters will help you find the perfect candidate for your open position. We take the time to deeply understand your company’s vision, culture, and goals to find driven candidates who will make an immediate impact. Through our nationwide network of HR professionals, we can take the stress out of searching for top passive candidates. Whether you need help hiring entry-level staff or seasoned HR executives, we’re the staffing partner to trust.

As a nationwide leader specializing in the search and recruitment of human resources professionals, we’ve sourced the right candidates for businesses of every size. Our dedicated and experienced recruiters will find the ideal candidate for your open HR role—keeping your business goals and company culture close in mind. If you need to fill an open HR role quickly and impactfully, then contact us today. 

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