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For the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and all of Minnesota, a thriving economy, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, makes human resource management a continuing and growing need. The diversity of commercial and non-profit organizations in this area has played a large role in its strong economic stability. Home to over 30 of 1,000 nationally ranked companies, along with numerous privately held corporations, every business sector is represented in the Twin Cities. To meet the human resources staffing and leadership needs of this wide-ranging business community, Susan Miller founded HR Personnel Services here in 1995. Our exclusive focus on recruiting and placement of human resources professionals is a unique approach that has succeeded, leading to our expansion from Minnesota into a nationwide recruiting and staffing firm.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

Minnesota HR Recruiting, Placement and Staffing Services

Our headquarters and our home is still right here in the Twin Cities area, and we remain dedicated to serving the unique needs of Minnesota companies. Offering a full-range of HR staffing services, we provide executive recruiting, along with placement of candidates of all job specialties. We recruit superbly qualified candidates for direct hire, contract and temp to hire, contract, and temporary positions. Drawing from a large pool of seasoned professionals, ranging from entry-level employees to innovative, resourceful, and dynamic executive leadership candidates, our recruiters work tirelessly to match fully-qualified candidates with the goals, ideals, and culture of client companies, through developing long-term partnerships. That has been our constant goal and has resulted in ideal matches and outstanding client satisfaction with our services.

Proven HR Recruiting and Placement Success in All Business Sectors in Minnesota:

Agricultural and Food Production Corporations – This important business sector for Minnesota, Wisconsin and the entire upper Midwest has unique human resources needs. Working with clients throughout this industry, our employment agency focuses closely on the goals and culture of individual organizations.

Manufacturing Companies – Minnesota’s manufacturing and industrial business have wide-ranging special requirements for personnel management. Our experience in searching and placing HR specialists with experience in this sector is extensive.

Retail Industry – Our agency has long experience in recruiting solid candidates with extensive backgrounds in the retail marketing industry.

Banking, Finance and Insurance – Partnerships with industry-leading companies in this sector give us valuable insights into the industry’s unique requirements.

Healthcare, Medical Device and Health Insurance – Assisting companies like Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, and Medica with their staffing requirements is part of our human resources recruiting experience.

Education and Non-Profit Organizations – The Minneapolis St. Paul area is rich in educational and non-profit organizations. As the leader in employment search and placement, our expertise in these sectors helps us recruit ideal candidates to fill a wide range of openings in these unique organizations.

Whatever business sector your company represents, if it is located in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area or anywhere in Minnesota or neighboring Wisconsin, our search firm is your trusted local search and placement company. Let us assist you in locating and recruiting for all positions in your HR Department. From talented, innovative executives and specialists to temporary staff, count on our experience and exclusive HR focus to locate candidates who are an exact match for your needs and goals. Contact us today to discuss your staffing requirements and let us show you how our specialized recruiting expertise makes all the difference.

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