As America’s “Second City,” Chicago, and its surrounding metro area is the central hub for business throughout the state of Illinois and the midwestern region of the United States. Over 9.5 million employees work in the corporations and organizations that make the metropolitan area their home and contribute to the over $500 billion gross regional product of this dynamic and thriving region. With a diverse range of industries in all business sectors, Chicago’s need for human resources professionals is enormous, with specialized HR Department requirements for each part of the business community. As a close neighbor to Chicago, our HR recruitment and executive search firm has helped corporate clients in Illinois find outstanding candidates to fill positions at all levels, from innovative executive leaders with long-range vision to specialists in all areas of management.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

HR Staffing and Placement for Chicago, Illinois

As one of the very few recruiting and placement companies in the nation that focuses solely on human resources staffing, we have partnered with a wide range of corporations and non-profit organizations in the Chicago, IL area in locating and recruiting the talented, experienced, and highly-motivated HR candidates who match the unique needs, goals, and cultures of our corporate clients. From the rich resources created by the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and other universities in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, and from our nationwide network of experienced professionals, we are in a unique position to recruit the very best human resources talent throughout the country.

We fill challenging positions in a wide range of businesses:

Banking, Finance and Insurance – These business sectors are strong in the Chicago area, and our staffing agency has the experience and strong connections needed to recruit highly qualified candidates at all levels to meet the precise needs of companies in this industry.

Transportation and Distribution Industry – As a major national and international transportation hub, Illinois companies in this sector have unique needs for personnel management. Our experienced recruiters can search and place candidates with long experience in the industry and who match any qualifications.

Manufacturing Sector – As a leading location for manufacturing companies, Chicago and the entire Illinois, needs highly qualified HR specialists to manage personnel in a broad range of jobs. Count on our staffing and placement agency to recruit solid, experienced candidates.

Computer and Information Technology – Drawing from a deep pool of candidates with IT sector experience nationwide, our firm can assist our partners in finding specialists to meet any criteria for any position.

Throughout the Midwestern region of the United States, corporations and organizations can rely on the experienced, resourceful recruiters at our HR staffing agency to recruit candidates at all levels who match the goals, plans, and culture of any organization. From solid, visionary executive leaders to specialists in every area, our national professional network provides a rich resource of fully qualified, experienced potential candidates. Our exclusive HR focus gives us a unique edge that provides efficiency, accuracy, and quality in meeting your staffing needs. In Chicago and other areas in Illinois, companies count on our human resources search and placement experience, expertise, and vision to assist them in finding the extraordinary talent they need. 

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