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HR Personnel Services is Recognized by Forbes as “America’s Best Recruiting Firms 2019”

In light of the thriving national economy, today’s companies are more pressed than ever to attract the qualified employees they need to succeed. That’s why Forbes releases a ranking of the top professional search firms in the nation each year. This list is designed to celebrate the success of top-rated recruiters—and to help companies find the ideal human resources recruiting firm for their searches,

For the second year in a row, HR Personnel Services has earned a place on Forbes’ distinguished list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. We were recognized as one of the top 250 professional search firms. Our firm specializes exclusively in HR staffing—connecting start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike with exceptional human resources professionals.

How Were the Top Recruiting Firms Chosen?

Each year, Forbes works with Statista to rank the best professional search firms in the nation. This renowned research organization provides over one million statistics and facts across 600 industries. This year, Statista included HR Managers who had worked with recruitment agencies across the past three years, surveyed 25,000 recruiters and 5,000 job candidates. Each respondent was asked to nominate up to ten recruiting firms in the professional search category.

By the end of this year’s survey, over 17,000 nominations were collected—with the most highly recommended firms being ranked highest. Firms could not nominate themselves, and last year’s findings were considered. All told, HR Personnel Services ranked 147th on the list of 2019’s top 250 professional search firms.

About HR Personnel Services

HR Personnel Services was founded in 1995 by Susan Miller. She believes that human resource management and staffing have unique characteristics that can’t be served by the average search firm. In the following years, the company expanded from the Twin Cities to become a nationwide leader in HR recruiting and executive search.

Today, HR Personnel Services identifies and recruits candidates for clients in all industries across the nation. We help each client connect with top-class HR candidates who fit their company culture and business needs quickly and efficiently—streamlining the entire hiring process.

Why Was HR Personnel Services Nominated?

For almost 25 years, HR Personnel Services has focused on developing strong partnerships with the corporate clients we serve. Unlike many HR recruitment agencies, we gain a comprehensive understanding of each client’s corporate mission, vision, and goals from the onset—allowing our experienced team to select candidates who perfectly complement those needs.

Staffing & Recruiting

HR Personnel Services offers robust staffing & recruiting solutions for Human Resources Departments across the United States. We appreciate the importance of finding HR professionals who can make meaningful contributions to your team from the start and match the exact culture of your organization. And to find those skilled individuals, you need so much more than a basic job description.

Through extensive analysis, we learn all about each client’s culture, objectives and needs. From there, we leverage our nationwide network of professionals to find the right individuals for each role. The result? A focused pool of strong HR candidates who support and align with your business goals.

Executive Search

We also offer executive search support for employers in need of top-level executives. Thanks to our focus on client culture and goals, we’ve successfully recruited proven leadership candidates in executive positions for both start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations. No matter your organization’s size or vision, we can find you accomplished and extraordinary executives to guide your HR efforts.

Support for Job Seekers

At no cost to job seekers, we provide a range of opportunities for direct hire, contract and temporary placement throughout the nation. Because we dedicate so much effort to client/candidate compatibility, HR professionals who work with us find valuable positions that match their goals and capabilities—fostering stronger, more fulfilling careers.

We’re humbled to be acknowledged as one of 2019’s best recruiters—and so grateful for the support of the job candidates, HR managers, and recruiters who recommended us for this prestigious award. We hope to build upon this success into this year and beyond—and deliver even better results for the clients and job seekers we support.

Award-Winning Recruiters for Your Success

There’s a reason why Forbes included us on its list of “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” for two years in a row. At HR Personnel Services, we know it takes an HR professional to find an HR professional. Our team makes it easy to fill positions efficiently—and takes the stress of sorting through applications and interviewing dozens of applicants off your plate. Whether you need temp staffingdirect hire, or contract to hire solutions, we’re here to help.

Contact us today for more information on how our human resources recruiting solutions can help your business connect with brilliant candidates who can start contributing from day one.

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