The largest city in Texas, Houston has the fastest growing economy in the United States. It was named in 2013 as the #1 city in the country for job creation and has more than regained all the jobs lost in the recent economic downturn. Driven by its energy and petroleum industry, international exports, along with banking, finance, healthcare and shipping industries, Houston is an active, cosmopolitan city with an exceptionally fluid employment base. For human resources professionals, it is one of the nation’s most active markets, and its attractiveness as a place to live attracts many HR professionals who are willing to relocate to this city. Our human resources staffing and placement firm has assisted many Houston area corporations and organizations in search for open positions, through our proven methods of matching top-performing candidates with the precise needs of a wide range of companies in all business sectors.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

HR Recruiting and Placement Services in Houston, Texas and the Southwestern United States

As the largest economic market in Texas and the Southwestern United States, Houston also has close connections with other major job markets. Our personnel search and staffing company is active throughout the region, and recognizes the need for innovative, experienced executives, generalists, and specialists to meet the needs of companies and organizations of all types in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and other cities in Texas. Our dedicated recruiters work closely with organizations to learn their goals, needs, and expectations, and then utilizes a broad-reaching network of candidates, advanced marketing technology, and their expertise to search and place talented, proven professionals who match those needs.

Some of ways we support Texas businesses with our unique strategies include:

Energy, Petroleum and Manufacturing – Our network of professionals with experience in these industries is extensive, and includes top-flight executive talent, along with a full range of candidates with valuable, industry-specific experience.

Banking and Finance – The HR Department needs of the banking and finance industry is a special interest of our staffing and recruitment firm. Our experience in recruiting performance-focused, innovative leadership for domestic and international banking and finance can meet any need.

Shipping and Transportation Industry – The diverse human resources needs of this industry requires creative, experienced and flexible professionals. Our network of proven leaders and highly productive generalists and specialists includes candidates to match any company’s needs.

Healthcare, Education and More – As a fast-growing center for healthcare services and research, along with education, Houston needs experienced, creative personnel management specialists. Our search and placement strategies can locate and recruit candidates for any position.

Whatever your industry or business focus may be, our staffing and search firm offers the tightly-focused, nation-wide recruiting services you need to fill any open position in your HR team. The combination of 50 years of recruiting experience among our recruiters, our extensive networking capabilities, and our expertise in matching top talent with the precise needs of our clients provides ideal solutions to your needs. When you list a position with us, we will quickly locate and recruit the industry-experienced, highly motivated candidates who match your criteria. Performance, relationship building, and complete client satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Let us show you how our recruitment and placement services can help you fill your open positions quickly with solid professionals who are an ideal match for your goals and organizational culture.

Contact us to discuss your HR recruiting needs in Houston or anywhere in Texas or the Southwestern US, including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso.