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Through experience with a broad-based range of client corporations, our recruiters understand the unique requirements of your business sector. From financial, educational, and healthcare to manufacturing, hospitality, insurance and a multitude of other industry sectors, we customize our recruiting and placement process to meet the unique requirements of each client. Always working toward the goal of presenting fully qualified candidates with experience and successful performance relevant to your criteria, we identify candidates who are ready to step into your leadership positions with immediate contributions.

Our Awards

We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards:

Industry-Focused Executive Placement

Human Resources departments and divisions across all industries and business sectors share many common characteristics. From finding and hiring qualified personnel to fill a complete range of employment opportunities and managing a range of benefits and compensation packages, to assuring that employees are properly trained and complying with a broad range of regulations and legal requirements, Human Resources Departments deal with every aspect of personnel management. To successfully manage that complex range of responsibilities, HR executives at all levels need extraordinary capabilities, vision, and leadership talent.

At our HR recruitment and placement firm, our entire executive recruitment staff is made up of experienced recruiters, making us ideally suited to search for talented, resourceful candidates who have the complex skills and specialized experience needed to keep your HR department or division operating smoothly and efficiently. Our services allow corporate management to focus on the business of doing business, rather than worrying about legal or regulatory issues. Since 1995, we have successfully searched for and recruited Human Resources Department leadership candidates for a wide range of corporate and organizational categories on a nationwide basis. 

Matching HR Leadership Experience and Expertise with Your Requirements

To recruit for every HR executive opening brought to us, we work closely with our corporate clients to identify and define each aspect of the responsibilities and requirements the position demands. From labor relationships and employee demographics to specialized characteristics and job requirements for company employees at all levels, we discover the characteristics of every position that make it unique. For all positions, our recruiters strive to determine the precise requirements that make up a detailed, comprehensive description of that position.

Our attention to details of our clients’ needs and our understanding of the qualities of successful leaders guides us in our search for candidates who are a precise match for each position’s criteria. We understand that only an ideal candidate will be a successful candidate, and our goal is always to present only those who are fully qualified and best suited for a position. With all criteria accurately established, we can turn to our extensive candidate database and our nationwide network of HR leaders to find candidates to match any need.

In every industry sector, we recognize that, along with the basic set of personnel management responsibilities, executives also need relevant experience in the specific needs of each business type, including, but not limited to:

• Accounting

• Advertising

• Aerospace

• Banking

• Biotechnology

• Chemical

• Communications

• Computer

• Construction

• Consulting

• Consumer Products

• Education

• Electronics

• Energy

• Entertainment

• Financial Services

• Food and Beverage

• Hospitality

• Import and Export

• Information Technology

• Insurance

• Internet

• Legal Services

• Manufacturing

• Media and Broadcasting

• Non-Profits

• Pharmaceuticals

• Publishing

• Real Estate

• Retail

• Telecommunications

• Transportation

• Utilities

• Health

Retained HR Executive Recruiting Options

When vacancies at all executive and management levels of your Human Resources Department exist, our prioritized executive search processes are designed to identify and recruit the most qualified and accomplished professionals to match your requirements and corporate culture precisely. These resourceful individuals rarely search through public job listings when considering a career move. We offer fully retained, customized, confidential searches that are best for time-sensitive C-level human resources leadership positions. For other management and executive positions, our hybrid partially retained searches locate and present outstanding candidates effectively.

Leading Human Resources Executive Recruiting and Placement Firm

Regardless of the industry sector your company represents, and whatever the size of your organization, your human resources team needs the best qualified, most talented management leadership at the top level for maximum success. Our firm’s time-tested strategy for recruiting and placing executive candidates with the combination of proven leadership skills, visionary management capabilities, and industry-specific knowledge and experience to match your exact criteria is the key to filling any open position effectively, and successfully. We serve client companies nationwide, from California, Oregon and Washington on the west coast to New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the east coast, and from Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan in the north to Georgia, Tennessee and Texas in the south. 

Contact us today to discuss your leadership vacancies and let us show you how our contingency based or retained search services provide the results you need.