HR Manager

Our client in the in the consumer services industry is interested in bringing an HR Manager on board to help out with some upcoming project management, and then to be their standalone HR professional. The project management involves the hiring of 10 employees (technical and non-technical), and the relocation of 25 current employees from Irvine, CA to Sunnyvale, CA. The position would then be a standalone HR position at the Sunnyvale location. There are no direct reports and the salary is competitive at $120,000-$140,000.

Job Responsibilities

  • Report to Regional VP to support business and operations.
  • Participate in planning, identification, development, and execution of corporate objectives. In this capacity, the HR specialist shall align the work to achieve company goal. The participation in company planning allows HR to gain a profound understanding of the organizational activities needed to aid in the sustainable growth of the business.
  • Periodically conduct staff member evaluations and provide employees with career assistance. Take an active role in helping employees advance their careers instead of simply grading employees on a checklist of performance points. Help employees identify areas for improvement and develop specific action steps. Gain deeper insight into available human capital and availability of internal candidates for potential role succession. Help company gain a marked advantage in filling future roles and meeting forthcoming market demands.
  • Find and recruit employees that advance company objectives. This position requests to do more than post ads and interview job candidates to fill open positions, it requires to formulate company brands designed to attract the right job candidates. It also requires to promote company as highly favorable workplaces, earn this kind of accolade for company by creating a positive culture and providing satisfactory compensation and benefits as ways to attract ideal work candidates.
  • Serve as leaders of change. Frequently lead initiatives for the company, yield strong project management skills in company toolboxes, skilled at helping company stakeholders make the connection between change initiatives and strategic needs, minimizing change resistance and employee unrest. Shape company culture, manage staff member satisfaction and weighing the success of change initiatives.
  • Advocate for employees. Play an integral part in the success of company. Contribute to building a work environment where employees feel satisfied and motivated. Deploy effective practices such as employee empowerment, goal setting and open communication, resulting in a positive culture that leads to the workforce delivering better customer experiences.
  • Reporting to General Manager/Vice President on any employees ethical issues, cyber bullying, keep work environment professional.
  • Communicate with General Managers/Operations Managers in each site (Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Littleton, Detroit, Irvine) to align and implement company policies, MyLearning, payroll, paid-time-off, holidays and performance reviews, etc.
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