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Retained Executive Placement
Whenever a corporation or organization has a vacancy for top-level leadership in human resources, finding a resourceful, visionary individual is time-sensitive. Locating and meeting ideal candidates are urgent priorities in most cases. At our HR executive search and placement firm, we recognize how important it is to find an ideal match within your timeframe. Our retainer-based recruiting process prioritizes your quest and is extremely effective. We locate candidates who precisely meet your requirements and are ready to step in and take charge immediately.


We take pride in and are humbled by our success, as reflected in the following awards

Expedited Retained HR Executive Placement

Here are some of the factors that make our retained searches ideal when time is of the essence.

Top Executives Make Career Moves Differently

Few directors and chief officers ever consult job listings when contemplating a job change. Instead, they contact their trusted recruiters directly to inform them of their intent. In the HR executive recruiting field, highly accomplished leaders seek out our firm and tell us of their plans. We maintain detailed records of these confidential contacts. In our retained searches, we consult our data to compare your requirements with proven leaders known to us.

Our Extensive Network Creates Leads

As a leader in human resources placement, we are in constant communication with a nationwide network of seasoned HR professionals. When we are retained to search for an executive or management candidate, we access this network to identify potential candidates quickly for discreet contact.

Extensive Coordination with Your Organization

As soon as your company retains our firm, we open a line of communication with you. We create a detailed description of your ideal candidate, including qualifications and competencies. We also learn your corporate business style, culture and compensation levels. That attention to detail informs our recruiters and streamlines the process. Our highest priority is to present only ideal candidates. This plays a strong role in expediting the search.

Retained Searches Excel for Timely Placement

We make filling your critical executive vacancy a high priority with every retained search. We understand the need for prompt, confidential action, but never lose sight of your exacting criteria. Our most experienced and creative recruiters handle your search and utilize our extensive resources to expedite the process. We will only present thoroughly vetted candidates to you who meet your standards, goals and expectations.

High-Performance Retained HR Executive Placement and Searches Nationwide

Since 1995, HR Personnel Services has consistently delivered outstanding candidates for the most demanding executive leadership positions in all industries. From Seattle, Denver, Nashville and Tucson to Raleigh, Tampa, Pittsburgh and Orlando, our firm has served thousands of companies with the highest satisfaction. Our handpicked recruiters focus only on human resources placement. Our retained searches lead to expedited performance and ensure complete satisfaction.

When your company needs to fill a vacancy quickly, we deliver unmatched performance. Get in contact with us today.

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