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How to Recruit a VP of Human Resources

Finding a candidate with highly developed leadership skills and creative ideas for your VP of human resources role can be a challenge. It’s no secret that the top executive HR candidates don’t have to look for jobs—and you can’t settle for just anyone to place in this important position. Being able to find and recruit exceptional candidates who will be able to make an immediate impact is essential for your business. And before you can adequately hire for this vital position within your company, understanding the role of the VP of human resources is critical.

What Does a VP of Human Resources Do?

The vice president of human resources is an extremely valuable position within a business. In general, the VP of HR is responsible for the operation of a company’s human resources department—supervising and providing advice to management on strategic staffing plans, including compensation, benefits, training, development, and budget. The VP is responsible for creating policies that determine the practices used for employee relations. This effort includes collaborating with the legal department of a company to ensure that any policies created are fully compliant with relevant laws.

To be successful, VP candidates must possess a variety of skills that support productive and profitable business operations. A vice president needs to be able to assist in determining and directing staffing and recruiting goals—as well as providing leadership that focuses on supporting a company’s vision. The right candidates will likely have a master’s degree in human resources and should have skills across business administration, leadership, organization, legal operations, and more.

Finding Your Ideal VP of Human Resources

Finding someone who already has the skills you require for your VP of HR role can be difficult. How exactly do you present your company as the ideal employer? Recruiting is a major part of what the human resources department does—and it is essential to have a plan in place to find and recruit top HR executives. These are a few key recruiting strategies that will help you connect with an ideal VP of HR candidate.

Use an Executive Search Firm

One of the best ways to find top HR executives is by using an executive search firm. An executive search firm employs an extensive network of HR professionals to find your ideal fit from the start. This strategic partner can help take the weight and pressure off of your team’s shoulders—while streamlining the hiring process for you.

At HR Personnel Services, we’ve successfully placed HR executives in companies of every size. We build a relationship with each client we work with—ensuring we have a deep understanding of their corporate culture, company values, long-term goals, and management styles. This gives us an idea of what sort of candidate will thrive in their VP role.

Our recruiting professionals have years of human resources experience. Through an in-depth search and recruiting process, we make sure every candidate we present to clients exceeds their goals and expectations. Our team will work with your company to find strong candidates who are ready to make an immediate impact on your company’s goals and culture.

Tap Into Your Connections

Networking is an essential practice for many business executives. Not only will this help you stay on top of trends and improve your professional skills, but networking enables you to build your connections with other HR professionals. One of the best ways to find top VP candidates is by tapping into your connections—whether those are personal connections or the connections of other leaders within your company.

Try to find someone in your company with a solid grasp on the qualities you need in a prospective HR leader. The professionals within your company understand its culture, goals, and vision better than anyone else—so it makes perfect sense to gather their input. Leveraging these connections can help land you the ideal candidate for your VP of HR role quickly and reliably.

Keep an Eye on the Industry

Like many others, the HR industry is always changing and developing. Keeping an eye on the industry and consistently doing your research is vital in finding candidates for your executive position. You want someone who will be able to adapt quickly—while staying at the forefront of innovation in your industry. By researching trends and news within the industry, you can craft the perfect job description that will attract candidates who possess the qualities you desire for your vice president of human resources.

Connect with Top HR Executives Today

At HR Personnel Services, we’re dedicated to finding the best HR professionals for your required roles. In fact, we’ve been recognized by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” for two years running. Having delivered exceptional candidates for businesses of all sizes since 1995, we’re committed to finding candidates who complement and enhance your organization. If you need to fill an open executive HR role for your business, be sure to contact us today.

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