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3 Trending Recruitment Strategies [2020]

One of the most important roles of the human resources department is finding and recruiting the best candidates. And as we near the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about the evolving expectations of recruitment and the future of talent acquisition trends. At times, the competition can seem fierce—and the pool of top talent might feel small. How exactly can you ensure your company is at the top of each candidate’s list?

Understanding what the future of recruitment holds is essential to keeping your company above the competition. Watching for digital recruitment trends, changes in the way we communicate with candidates, and how your brand creates a positive candidate experience is vital for these top three recruitment strategies you’ll see more of in 2020.

Creating a Candidate Experience

Organizations that treat their candidates like their best customers are changing the recruitment game for companies across the board. Candidates are expecting a personalized experience that is engaging and thoughtful. Companies at the forefront of this strategy have a unique ability to create an experience that turns candidates into employees. That’s the secret to their success: crafting a hiring journey that aligns a candidate's goals with the company and culture.

Throughout the recruitment process, candidates should feel valued. This can be achieved through many strategies. Technology tools (like personalized emails and autoresponders) make the hiring process more streamlined and engaging. Similarly, your recruitment team can use tailored resources (like relevant staff profile stories) to create a more personalized experience for candidates.

The job search can be tiresome—there’s no way around that—but setting your company apart through the experience you offer candidates can make all the difference. The more care you put into understanding the needs and goals of each candidate, the more you can personalize their experience with your business. It’s that extra effort that sets great employers apart.

New Communication Norms

Gone are the days of only communicating through email or professional job boards. Today’s candidates are using a more informal approach: engaging with potential employers through social media. Many people use smartphones and social media throughout their day-to-day lives, so it makes perfect sense to use that to your advantage across the recruitment process. Even if you aren’t reaching out to candidates directly in a message, it’s still important to stay active on your social platforms to show your employees what type of culture you like to promote within your company.

Getting your current employees to engage with your social media is another great way to promote company culture and open positions. Allowing your employees to talk about their experiences responsibly can pique the interest of potential candidates without seeming overbearing or pushy. Social media is an excellent way to highlight some of the benefits of working for your company through engaging photos and videos—such as team building events, volunteering, or on-site amenities.

Emphasizing Your Company’s Brand

Your brand is arguably one of the most important parts of recruitment and attracting the best talent. Your brand and message are what customers and candidates alike use to identify you. It’s what sets you apart from the competitors in your industry. A great brand influences candidates in a way that builds positivity and trust. That’s why it’s vital to maintain and evolve your brand to reflect the needs of current and future employees. You want to create a brand that makes people wish they worked for your company.

Ideally, your brand would attract the exact candidates you want. You want to ensure that every aspect of your company reflects your values, culture, and goals—including your social media channels and website. Your employees can also play a massive role in successful recruiting pushes. Employees will speak honestly about their job and company, so ensuring that you are meeting their needs is imperative in making sure your culture aligns with how you want your brand to be perceived.

Find the Best HR Candidates for Your Company

At HR Personnel Services, we are dedicated to finding the best HR professionals for your company. Our team of experienced recruiters will help you find the perfect candidate for your open position. We take the time to deeply understand your company’s vision, culture, goals, and values in order to find the ideal candidate for your team. With our nationwide network of HR professionals, we’ll take the stress out of finding top talent.

We know that it takes an HR professional to find and HR professional—and we’re committed to finding candidates who will make an immediate impact on your business. If you need to fill an open HR role for your team, contact us today. 

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