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How Do Recruiting Agencies Work?

Most people understand the purpose of recruiting agencies: to connect employers with top-quality job candidates. But how exactly do these organizations work? And, perhaps more importantly, are their services worth the fees they ask for?

As a nationwide leader in HR recruiting and executive search, HR Personnel Services helps employers across the nation strengthen their human resources teams. We specialize in the search and recruitment of HR professionals for businesses, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We also know full well how confusing the world of recruiting can be. So today, let’s take some time to review how recruiting agencies operate—and when you should think about partnering with one.

What Do Recruiting Agencies Do?

Recruiting agencies partner with businesses to help them find talented professionals. When a company or hiring manager has a pressing need for a new employee, they’ll connect with a recruiting agency to take the pressures of identifying and screening candidates off their shoulders.

The primary responsibilities of a recruiting agency include the following:

Understanding the hiring needs of each client by researching the open roles

Reaching out to qualified candidates & finding ideal matches

Connecting the best candidate with client representatives

Providing ongoing support for employers throughout the hiring process

It’s also important to note that many recruitment agencies specialize in a certain profession or industry, such as HR, marketing, or IT. Working with a specialized recruiting agency or search firm is one of the most effective ways to find top-notch candidates in their niche.

How Do Recruiting Agencies Make Money?

Recruiting agencies make money by assisting employers in filling open positions. Despite that constant, each agency structures its services and fees a bit differently. For instance, some will offer contingency recruitment, where they charge clients a single salary-based fee for each position—but only if the role is successfully filled. Others provide on-demand recruitment services, which typically offer flexible support options based on hourly pay rates.

Larger recruiting agencies and firms even offer full-on recruitment outsourcing. With this service, the agency will completely take on an employer’s recruiting duties—managing the entire searching, screening, and interviewing process for each job candidate. This service is incredibly useful for employers who lack the size or structure for a full HR department.

When Should You Hire a Recruiting Agency?

The best time to hire a recruiting agency or firm is when you need to fill a new position in your business—especially if you lack in-house HR experience. The hiring process can be long and arduous for any employer, which is why many rely on an external recruiting partner. This organization can take the burden of finding the perfect candidate off your team’s hands, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Some recruiting firms can also provide contract-to-hire and temporary staffing services—a major boon for companies with erratic or seasonal hiring needs. For example, at HR Personnel Services, we connect clients with outstanding direct-hire, temp staff, and contract-to-hire HR experts. This flexibility allows us to pivot to meet the HR needs of any client at any time, both quickly and affordably.

Maybe your business is ready to invest in a full-time human resources employee. Or perhaps you need a new marketing executive to provide vision and strategy for your brand. No matter what hiring challenges you’re facing, a recruiting agency or firm can help. Just be sure to screen each potential partner by looking at their awards and recognitions, or even reviews from past clients.

You’ll want to hold out for a highly specialized firm that’s interested in building a full-fledged partnership instead of simply selling services. It’s also essential to find a recruiting agency that understands (and factors in) your unique business culture when selecting candidates. Employees who match with their employer’s values and culture are significantly happier and more productive in their roles.

Find Top-Notch HR Staff Today

Since 1995, HR Personnel Services has been developing strong partnerships with employers across the country. We take the time to understand each client’s corporate vision, goals, plans and culture—allowing us to recruit HR candidates who perfectly align with those values. Together, we can find an ideal HR professional for your team who makes a meaningful difference from day one.

Ready to learn more about HR Personnel Services and how our HR recruitment solutions can position your business for success? Then be sure to contact us today. We’d be more than happy to walk you through our recruitment process and help you decide whether we’re the best partner for your HR hiring needs.

You can also connect with us for more insight into how recruiting agencies and firms operate—and how to find the right organization for your unique business needs. We’re looking forward to working with you. 

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